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Insert Orgasm Here July 15, 2010

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The big day. The good news is, I was praised by gifted writer who I admire immensely. On the flip side (I won’t call any learning process bad news) I still have work to do. I sort of thought I was done, you know? Like – here I am, tell me I need to be published without delay.

But remember – polish, and edit and spit, oh my!

I’ll be up late tonight trying to ground my readers in a particularity gritty scene of mine that was critiqued today, so that I can show Wayson I understand every one of the two million and forty-eight lessons he taught me this week. It might be a late night.

But I won’t leave you hanging. The critique was wonderful and insightful. My favourite words that passed the lips of Wayson Choy as he spoke of my writing (my writing!!!) were:

“This is a publishable story, very soon maybe” – Wayson Choy
“I love the vividness” – Wayson Choy
“The narrative voice does take over” – Wayson Choy
“It’s funny sad, which is beautiful” – Wayson Choy
“The voice is clever, smart, controlled and vulnerable” – Wayson Choy
“So good because you visualize beyond it, it takes you someplace” – Wayson Choy

And my personal favourite, the one I’m posting all over my writing space:
“It is quite brilliant that way, quite brilliant” – Wayson Choy

I would love to just go to bed and dream about those words, but there is writing to be done. So, off to work I go.

All of your well wishes turned out lucky for me – thanks!


8 Responses to “Insert Orgasm Here”

  1. inkstr0kes Says:

    Awesome news!!

    Was the stuff he pointed out that needed work stuff you already knew or suspected?

    Congrats on the glowing recomendations!! But, then we knew you could do it.

    • We need to do coffee. Seriously.

      First – I was working with Wayson on my new novel – Life as a Teenage Mutant. I felt like Debris had been polished (to perfection – lol) so he didn’t see that one (though I did do a reading from it on read night). In many ways I wish I had submitted Debris, but I’ll just take the tools he gave me and edit and polish. I know Sue and James told us over and over (so I’m not sure why I didn’t really hear it) but they are right, we did a first draft in Novel Approach – there was still lots of work to be done. When they tell us to continue to review and edit and such, I though that my 6th draft was polished enough. But, it’s really not. So – I have work to do, but it is getting closer, and I think it will be so much better!

      Looking forward to our critiquing group in August. We will do each other wonders.

  2. That’s awesome, Noelle! So wonderful to have encouraging feedback the very first time round. My first editor was like that.

    You know, I always say writing the story is the easy part (even tho it really isn’t at times). But it’s when you get an editor involved, that’s when the heavy lifting starts! I often find revising even more enjoyable and fulfilling than the actual writing of the first draft.

    You’re super lucky to have this kind of feedback before you begin the submission process! Soak it up!

    • Thanks Claudia! The hard work does begin here. I went into the Humber School for Writers workshop fairly naive. I thought we would have lots of writing time, and work on our craft. But it really was a melting pot of information, so much essential information about the business of writing. It was life changing for me.

      There was a children’s author there who mentored a class, and I would STRONGLY suggest you think about it for next year. It isn’t for first time novelists – since you ALREADY ARE PUBLISHED! ( But there is so much to learn from every different speaker. Actually – Wayson Choy sat through all the seminars – so I figure if he is still open to learning given his talent and success – then we all should be! Check out the info online – you would love the community it creates.

  3. Rhonda Says:

    Always knew you were brilliant… never been a doubt in my mind. I guess that makes me as intuitive as Wayson.

    Funny how I can turn a compliment of you into a compliment of me, eh?

    • I love it! We all have our talents..hee hee. I’ll need you to keep my grounded when Debris hits best seller. Rhonda – my girl who’s keeping it real. LOL. Thanks for your endless support. xo

  4. Dave Says:

    Great big : ) for you!!


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