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That man has got me giddy July 15, 2010

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I’m giddy as a schoolgirl. The experience of being here at the School for Writers is so surreal. We’ve had agents, publishers, editors and writers saturating us with information of liquid gold. It is just unbelievable. Frank, solid advice that has got my head spinning with to do lists.

The highlight, hands down, has been my mentor, Wayson Choy. He is beyond fabulous, and even though I sit with a class of just 5 others every morning with him, I still am dumb struck by him. His generosity with his wisdom and inspiration is life changing really. I just can’t believe I am a part of it.

Not to brag (but I must today) he has said four things to me personally this week that have made me – the one who NEVER cries – well up like a big ol’ baby. We have to critique our classmates work, and act as editor to their writing. We discuss in detail our thoughts, opinions etc, while the author sits aside and just listens. During these workshop bits, I have participated with as much vigour and wisdom as I dare in front of a great writer like Mr. Wayson Choy. This is what he has said to me during my participation:

1. “Noelle, you have great instincts”
2. “Noelle, you aced that”
3. “Noelle, you are a dangerous reader”
4. “Noelle, – do not ever leave my class”

So, if you are a writer – I know you want to smash me in the face right now, but I also know you understand the depth of my ecstasy with his words. For my blog followers who don’t get what the big deal is, or maybe don’t know who Wayson Choy is (shame on you!) let me just say – the hair on my arms stood on end – no lie.

So tomorrow (actually, today now that I have stayed up way too late again) my writing is being critiqued. I am overwhelmed already and I won’t lie, I am so afraid that he will say – FAKER! What are you thinking??? But I am so hopeful that he will tell me what my strengths are, what my weaknesses are, and kick my ass into being an even stronger novelist.

I promise to let you know how it goes…


8 Responses to “That man has got me giddy”

  1. inkstr0kes Says:

    What an incredible experience!

    Have you paced a groove in the floor yet? I would be.

    Can’t wait to hear more!!

  2. Dave Says:

    Noelle… just so happy fot you.


  3. Rhonda Says:

    soooo cool. Can’t wait to hear more! Wish I could just turn the page and find out what happens next!!

  4. Heather Says:

    I want to hug you.. I haveto say my eyes got a little glossy when I read how happy you are… I am so glad you are happy… you deserve to this experience.. can’t wait to hear more and how your critique went.. love you!

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