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Perverts Perhaps? September 8, 2010

Filed under: What's Up? — Noelle Bickle / Abby Brooks @ 8:52 AM

An interesting tidbit about my experience with blogging. When I add a post with a risqué title, maybe a little raunchy, dirty, or even just slightly suggestive, I get almost double the hits on my blog. I find that both amusing and fascinating.

Toss in an innuendo; suggest there might be some raunchy talk, or a little viewing window into the gritty parts of my life, and my stats go way up. Tame it down a bit, and only my most loyal readers tune in (which luckily for me is more than half of my readers…thank you!) But it can’t be denied that even just implied naughty gets me more readers.

Does that make my blog followers a bunch of perverts? I’m just sayin’. 🙂

Regardless, I adore my readers for checking in and supporting me. If you enjoy the blog, please pass the link on or share a post with others you think might enjoy it too. Now that my kidlets are back in school, I’m back on track and am steam rolling ahead with the quest for a publisher. So, pass me on so I can build that platform of loyal readers! (perverts or not).


6 Responses to “Perverts Perhaps?”

  1. So now little grasshopper you know the truth… the internet is not a media for exchanging intellectual thoughts and ideas but in truth the dirty little secret you just discovered is what we in the IT business have know from the beginning… the internet is an anonymous mass distribution tool for adult entertainment and submerged sexual fantasy which would only see the light of day as a result of the anonymity and safety provided by the internet… true fact… 90% of internet traffic is porn or porn related

  2. Dale Long Says:

    It’s funny you should say this, Noelle. I had a similar experience, only apparently, I’m not so carnally minded as you. My title included the word Music and it had the most hits of any of my posts so far.

    I think my next post should be more graphic. Hey it’s there, might as well exploit it.

  3. Deepam Says:

    Talking dirty always gets their attention. Or as Barbara Turner-Vesselago encourages – go “fearwards” and they will lap it up.
    You are walking the path ahead of me with your torch held high… and as long as I know a few well-placed expletives or something dripping sundry juices will get them coming (so to speak) then so be it. I’m not above a little pandering…

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