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You say you want a revolution… October 28, 2010

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I’ve recently been teaching shameless self-promotion, and highlighting the importance of social media.

For my blog readers who are also writers, or for those of you who have cause to promote yourself on any level – whether it be for a small business or any other form of promotion platform – this message is for you.

Social media is no simple fad, so don’t depend on the old saying that goes “this too shall pass”.  It ain’t gonna happen. Welcome to the social media revolution.  It’s here to stay. Might I suggest you embrace it?

The trick is not letting it distract you from the business you should be doing. Updating my blog (as fun as it is) just isn’t the same as writing my novel, though it could be a great distraction from doing the hard stuff like editing my thirteenth draft.  The same goes for a business:  counting your inventory isn’t the same as selling your inventory.  You can count inventory all day, and it won’t put food on the table. Like everything in life you need to find a good balance.

 So how does that relate to social media? You need to take the plunge. Get onto a social network and make friends. If you’re there already, make more network friends. Get yourself a blog or a website and build a community of supporters. Read other blogs, look at other business sites. What are other people doing on them that you want to do?  Become a twit. Follow others around (online I mean, I’m not directing you to stalk people) and take their lead.  Put on your big boy or girl pants and get yourself out there.

Social media networking. Have no fear, you can do it. And you can indeed make the time, because it won’t take that much as long as you just try not to get lost in the pitfalls of social media like Facebook farming, or getting all bedazzled. (that’s not networking by the way, that’s playing in the sandbox) .

Good luck, welcome aboard, and enjoy the ride!

Need further convincing? Check out this short and shocking Youtube (also social media) clip about the social media revolution, and then decide if you think this is a fad that might pass if you close your eyes long enough. Brave it, do it!


One Response to “You say you want a revolution…”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    Now I am singing a familiar Beatles tune while updating my facebook!

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