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Meet me in the RAW October 31, 2010

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On November 1st, I take over as the new site coordinator for RAW. Will I explain what that is exactly, and does it involve naked people like the name suggests?

Yes of course, and no, don’t be silly.

RAW is the Reading as Writers website, hosted by the Writers Community of Durham Region.   A great place to check out for readers and writers, and especially writers who read. Along with all kinds of literary info, you can expect contests, a book club, feature authors, and WCDR member spotlights (in my favourite section of the site called “Seven Questions”).

Click the link and see how my own seven questions interview turned out, and get a little more insight into the RAW part of me. Noelle in the RAW.

Keep your eyes on the site, and let me know what you’d like to see there – it will serve as a chalkboard to give readers and writers what they want in regards to all things literary. I appreciate your feedback and your loyalty to my blog , and the RAW site is another forum for you to connect with others about bookish stuff. 

Peruse it and participate – you don’t have to be a WCDR member or a writer or a literary genius. Do you read – then RAW is for you. Do you like to dip your toes in the world of words? Again, bingo – you’ll love RAW.

Chat to me on the site, or send me an email or FB message and let me know of things you think would be great on the site. Join me in the RAW.

So, yeah… you didn’t really think there was a chance of RAW meaning naked, did you? Because if you did, I have a rustic shack on some great swamp land you might be interested in buying.   Ahhh, I love your innocence, it’s a beautiful thing.

Check out the RAW site!

Check out Noelle’s Seven Questions on RAW!


2 Responses to “Meet me in the RAW”

  1. Dale Long Says:

    I wouldn’t have expected any other title. It suits you to a T.
    It’s funny that you should mention a book that you read as a child and can’t find anymore. There was a book my school made me read in grade 4 or 5 and I think it was called ‘I Am David’. To this day I remember the book for no other reason that I connected with the main character, Couldn’t tell you a single passage out of it. it just left me with a feeling.

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