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Numbing the Brain November 3, 2010

Filed under: What's Up? — Noelle Bickle / Abby Brooks @ 10:36 AM

A crisp, sunny but frosty morning is my favourite kind of day for walking the dog. The cold biting at your cheeks and chin, making your skin feel tight against your face. The top of your thighs stinging just a bit from the cold air seeping through the twill of your pants.  And as nippy as it is, with the tips of your ears bright red and well chilled, you have the glorious warmth of the sun beating down on your back. The perfect  kind of morning.

The day didn’t start perfect though. In fact, I assumed it would be a stinker actually. Waking up before dawn with a migraine chewing at my brain is always a horrible way to welcome the morning.  Even after an extra hour sleep with my migraine medication working its magic, I still got out of bed feeling hung-over and aching. 

Things were looking up though when the kids got through breakfast without a fight, and made the bus without even running. I watched the bus drive away, and knew I needed to walk until the frost seeped in and dulled the ache in my head. Low and behold, it only took 55 minutes before I was successfully numbed. Crisp, sunny but frosty mornings, they fix me up every time.

Have you walked your dog, or your brain today?


6 Responses to “Numbing the Brain”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Making the skin feel tight against my face..hmm I’m gunna walk the dog tonight for

  2. Ruth Walker Says:

    Walked somebody else’s dog today. After a morning of crafting words on the page at the home of my writing buddy, we walked for about 40 minutes. Not mind-numbing cold by 11:30 but at least it was fresh. Great way to spend the a.m. BUT it was no face lift. Only a brain lift. And at my age, I need all the brain lifts I can get…

    • Ha! I need the brain lifts too Ruth. I walked another long one this morning and it’s such a great way to get your head into gear for writing. Though, my dog touched the dairy farmer’s electric fence today. Gave a big growl and a loud yelp and promptly ran to mama. Don’t know if today’s walk was so good for his brain…

  3. Dale Long Says:

    I tried walking my brain once, but it got all dirty and was more of a drag than a walk. Oh! Figuratively.
    What great description, ‘migraine chewing at my brain’. There is something about those fall days where the combination of the sun and cool nip of the air is invigorating.

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