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Disturbing Macy Parade November 15, 2010

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I was recently betrayed by my own subconscious. I had a sex dream.
 Unfortunately, it was disconcerting.

Not that I get the pleasure of sex dreams very often, there’s years between my celestial romps in the clouds it seems. But I was lucky enough to venture into one a few weeks ago and woke up feeling disappointed and disturbed. With the plethora of wonderful Hollywood eye-candy, with the lists of rock stars that could do the dreamland job quite nicely, I got William H. Macy.

Seriously? That’s who I get? So, this is free rein sex, anywhere with anybody – the only time you can get away with that kind of action outside of your 13-year marriage – and I get William H. Macy?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy him as an actor. He’s in every other movie out there, and he has  a certain charm for sure.  But really, he’s my late night good time guy?  I don’t think so. But, that’s who I got, and in honour of Movember Moustache month, he donned his thick handlebar moustache look – like Chappy in Happy Texas.  Oy.

William H. Macy

Needless to say I woke up feeling ripped off. It hardly seems fair with the bounty of wonderful male specimens out there. But, like many things in life, you don’t always get what you want. And my hubby was actually smiling when I told him the next morning – whether he felt pity for me or overwhelming relief at his competition, I can’t be sure.

As a writer I decided I would do what I do best, and plot the story line for the next one. I do this all the time for upcoming chapters, new book ideas etc. Plant the seed for future use. If my ill-starred sex dream taught me nothing else, I’ve learned that even inside your own head you have to be organized and prepared for the rare occasion of slumber sex. In anticipation I’ve gone ahead and put in my request for an appearance by David Beckham.

Now that one might give me something to write about.

Bend it like Beckham


13 Responses to “Disturbing Macy Parade”

  1. Deepam Says:

    How about Roger Federer? I had a yummy one a few years ago where Keanu Reeves chose me. That was SWEET! I love the idea of scripting one’s dreams. A writer should have that option!

  2. Dale Long Says:

    Sigh… there are so many things i could say here but I have decided to bite my tongue.

    Beckham’s got thick ankles 😉

  3. LOL! What can I say Dale? I’m not shallow, so I could look past the thick ankles.

  4. Rhonda Says:


  5. goforwords Says:

    I’m not sure which I like better: sex dreams or flying dreams. They’re both extremely rare and I always wake up disappointed that I woke up!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Well, it could be worse. It could have been Rowan Atksinson. Thank goodness for small mercies, eh?

  7. Erica Says:

    Hello…he has the same name as your husband…that’s why!

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