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Trapped here in a winter wonderland… December 14, 2010

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Snow day number three. Buses were cancelled this morning which meant the kids stayed home.


Last week we had two snow days. Although it was nice not having to pack lunches or backpacks, and it was endearing to hear the kids gleeful cheer at the news of no school, I’m sort of done now.

Now that we’ve gone north and rural, we get the kind of days that take your breath away and make your teeth ache. The last week has included days that leave you house-bound because the roads haven’t been ploughed. Even once they’re cleared, I have my 400-foot driveway to content with, so snow days usually mean pyjama days. Which was great on snow day number one. It was even pleasant on snow day number two, but after the third day, we have reached our limit. Or at least I have.

My house gets messier on snow days. I end up cooking more, refereeing endless arguments, and playing non-stop games. This family of gentiles has spent most of today playing dreidel games.

When my daughter brought the hand-made cardboard dreidel home, the instructions clearly stated candy, nuts or raisins were to go into the pot. But after our third game and the impending sugar surge with the winning round kidlets, we changed the stakes. Our game has turned into dreidel-for-cash, and my youngest has cleaned me out of all my spare change.

On days like today I don’t have a minute to myself, which means I can’t think, which means I don’t write.
The interesting thing about the writing restraint is that I didn’t spend time writing yesterday when I was on my own either, but today I feel utterly compelled to get my hands on the keyboard. More than a little ironic, but I’ll just blame it on the snow and the kids. Really, I think it’s a weird combination of writer’s block and shameful procrastination.

Either way, it was a stretch to even get my blog updated, but I did it. After all, I owed at least that to my wonderful readers since my internet is up and running again.

Another rural tendency – lack of internet – satellite sucks when it’s reaching through acres of trees. But that folks… is another rant.


13 Responses to “Trapped here in a winter wonderland…”

  1. Your comment about itching to get your hands on your keyboard reminds me of the advice of a writer I heard recently (Sorry Writer – I don’t remember who you are!) that if you’re struggling with writers’ block, you should surrender to it and tell yourself that absolutely you’re not allowed to write anything for two weeks or a month or something. By the end of that time you’ll be crawling the walls to get your hands on a pen or a keyboard.

    As always your daughter’s machinations make me laugh till I fall over.

    • Yes, I can see that working – it has for me! I’m hoping to get a load of writing done tomorrow, no excuses!

      And my daughter keeps me laughing as well, that is, when she isn’t making me cry.

  2. Dale Long Says:

    Where I am, they don’t cancel the buses anymore. Yesterday we couldn’t see across the ice-bound road, but the buses still ran. Still, I wish I had an actual reason for not writing.
    I’m envoius of your house-bound-frustration-fueled creative spark.

    • Wow – I’m surprized about the buses your way. It wasn’t even that bad this morning, although later in the day snow squalls were bad. It sure looks pretty here though.

      As for the pent up frustration…we’ll see if it serves me well tomorrow when I have the day to write. I’ll let you know how the spark is.

  3. Nadine.Laure Says:

    Having spent 27 years of dial-up access, you’ll get no sympathic ear here with respect to another rural tendency. The absolute joy and happiness I experienced (sadly) when I hooked up my turbo hub for the 1st time, clicked on the internet icon and was immediately connected to the internet where I could open websites, download information, open pages all without the dreaded five to ten minute wait for the dial-up connection to retrieve the information I wanted was to say the least exhilarating – and isn’t that a sad statement on how internet dependent I’ve become – ah well – snow days will continue to be the joy your children experience from time to time whenever the weather man predicts that snow will fall, and in a very short time, they’ll actually start their winter school mornings with “is it a snow day?” Enjoy cause all too soon, those days are gone……..

    • DD – We were on dial up here for about nine months, and it was hell! Unbearable. No hope of getting any video clips or other downloads, and just the time it took to scroll through things – ugh! When we do have internet working, it works well, but they keep wanting us to cut trees down, and I just can’t do it. Would love to try the turbo hub, but Sam doing live stream games would probably send us to the poorhouse!

  4. John Geddes Says:

    Dear Trapped,
    As someone who has spent their whole life living in cities, my only advice is that after three days wash the pyjamas.

  5. Candy Says:

    I will take your snow any day Noelle. We don’t have much here, seems everyone north & south of us are getting it all.

  6. Norma Bickle Says:

    I loved Snow Days when you kids were little, it always made me feel so safe because we didn’t have to go out and I could keep you all to myself !! Do you remember I always made homemade soup and baked on those days, and Pie-iron snacks.

  7. Lisa Says:

    Decara is totally jealous that you’ve had three snow days. She keeps hoping, but the buses haven’t been cancelled yet.

    I’m a little jealous about the first two snow days – I live too close to work to use weather as an excuse.

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