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May your days be merry and bright… December 23, 2010

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Yesterday I started to write a funny ditty about the commotion that comes with the holiday season, but after doing a snack run with the kids at a local mall, the experience left me pondering the hilarity of such Christmas chaos.

In the hour that we were there we observed at least a half a dozen crying kids, and almost as many screaming mothers. We witnessed a toddler racing around the store ramming the carts of several strangers with no parent in sight. We watched a man carry a little one out by the seat of his pants, as the hysterical kid cried for “just one little treat”.

As a horrid finale we walked towards the van and heard a young woman screaming profanities to her boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend based on the ruckus), before she jumped out of the car, slammed the door and stormed off. For his part, the young male driver wheeled around and got out of that parking lot faster than you can say “Love Stinks, yeah yeah”.

Needless to say, the bad vibe left all of us feeling disheartened on the day before, the day before the day before Christmas.

Can I just ask – where is the holiday cheer? Where is the fah who for-aze, dah who dor-aze style of jubilation? I wonder if my 93-year old grandmother would have the same memories of getting ready for Christmas with her kids back in the day?

Is the commercialism and obligation to buy the biggest gift, have the best dinner, chop down the tallest tree and light up the house like the Griswold’s the culprit in losing the true spirit of Christmas?

I can tell you nobody was having a holly jolly Christmas in that mall yesterday, and I have to wonder -have we bought ourselves a sack full of trouble getting away from a simple family gathering just exchanging hand-crafted gifts and an simple orange in a stocking?

Hold your kids a little closer, take comfort in having a hand to hold, and feel blessed that you have family or friends to spend time with over the holidays. Happy Holidays Everyone…and try not to scream at your kids, throw a tantrum for a treat, or break the heart of someone you love.


11 Responses to “May your days be merry and bright…”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    But I DO wanna treat!! Really really bad!!

    And a treat your blog is… LOVE the references to “the day before, the day before the day before Christmas” and “the fah who for-aze, dah who dor-aze style of jubilation”. And your previous Blog post is on the fridge in our staff kitchen but I have to wonder…

    How much “Debris” editing is going on?? After Christmas… right?
    Have a good one!!

    • I want a treat too! Currently I feel like that little guy in the store, as I make my christmas toffee – so yummy. But I only took one taste off the spoon, honest! (tomorrow and Christmas day are another story!)

      Love that the blog post in on the fridge at your work – very cool, thank you!

      And believe it or not, I have been editing, but my new deadline is Jan 15th for every last bit done. Fa la la la la la la la…la

  2. Love this Noelle. You’re such a fine writer – I love the way these short pieces are crafted.

    • Coming from you my dear mentor, that compliment is a true gift.

      Well, let’s face it, any compliment is pretty darn nice…but your kudos on my writing gives me an extra special type of giddy contentment! Thank you Sue.

  3. Dale Long Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too Noelle!
    Christmas is what you make it. Ignore those that just don’t ‘get it’. I feel sorry for them.
    Like Rhonda said, blogs like yours are treats indeed.

  4. Deepam Says:

    What a sad post. It helps to keep in mind that we are on a tilt-a-whirl ride astrologically and energetically right now. Mercury is retrograde until the 29th, which challenges all forms of communication – including tvs, phones, requests, demands and responses… and then we get three nights of a brilliant full moon right smack dab on the shortest day of light, knocking us around in our sleep, and add to that a stunning full lunar eclipse. These phenomenon shake us up, I don’t care if you believe it or not. It’s a fact. And then on top of all that – the pressure of getting it all done in time while working full time and having the kids off school a week before Christmas. Now that’s a recipe for a few frazzled nerves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing bad behaviour. Pas de tout. I’m just saying… you are right, hold your kids close and pass the chocolate. I’d be happy with an orange in my stocking.. beats the hell out of the potato I once got as a child… oh yes, that was a great joke to play on a seven year old.

  5. Lisa Says:

    That is why I avoid malls at all costs between Nov. 1 and Feb. 1. I do most of my shopping in October and what can’t be done then I can buy on-line. If I can’t find it on-line, I don’t need it until February.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Oh, yeah – it helps to be celebrating four days before everybody else, so the day before the day before the day before Christmas is the morning after the big event for us and the stress is already over.

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