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Stuck in the starting gate… January 3, 2011

Filed under: What's Up? — Noelle Bickle / Abby Brooks @ 1:03 AM

2011 has just started, and I’m feeling a little stuck.

Might be that I haven’t started my decided three-times-a-week-to-the-gym regimen. Might be because I haven’t finished the to-do list still stuck on my fridge from 2010. Probably though, it’s because the kids haven’t gone back to school, the hubby is still on vacation, and there seems to be a crowd lingering around. Hello? I’m done with the holidays, and ready to take on 2011, so can everybody kindly get out of my house so I can get my regular routine back?

Did I say that out loud? My bad.

Ah well, good thing ‘speaking with integrity’ tops my resolutions list this year. So does getting an agent, a killer book deal, a new relationship with my body image, a divorce from chocolate, and a cure for my impatience. Here’s hoping.

As for you, dear blog reader, many thanks for your participation last year. I appreciate you investing your time reading my posts, my chapter samples up top, and for popping over to the RAW site ( and showing your support there as well. I have big plans for 2011, and I’m so glad you’ll be here to help root me on, kick my butt, and give your witty, wonderful, wise and wonky comments on my blog posts. I couldn’t ask for a better cheering squad.

Best wishes for a grand 2011 and I hope your goals and resolutions are as lofty and fantastical as mine. As they say – a dream without a goal is just a wish.


12 Responses to “Stuck in the starting gate…”

  1. Diane Bickle Lehman Says:

    Love your blog. Always inspiring. Happy New Year Noelle!! Kick them all out, have a cup of tea and take a deep breath! Love D

    • Thanks D!

      Tomorrow is the day..the house will be mine at last. Today is slated for stacking a cord of firewood and getting my son’s suit tailored. Somehow that’s just not as exciting as getting a few new chapters down though…

      Happy new year to you!

  2. Dale Long Says:

    Ok, I’m risking my masculinity by quoting Cinderella, but I have two girls… sue me.

    A dream is just a wish your heart makes… That’s all fine and dandy but, alas, it is not the glue that keeps your butt in the chair now is it? There is no dreaming or wishing invovled here, just a fertile imagination and the ability to think outside the box.

    Oh and talent. Which you have in spades.

    Chop-chop, back to the drawing… um… writing board!

    • Oh, how I love that you know quotes from princess stories…lol.

      Thank you for the butt kick and the kudos. All I can say is back at ya, it takes one to know one, and birds of a feather…

  3. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I’m shoving my lot out the door this morning when I still have a whole day to myself before going back to work.

    When you get that agent and killer book deal, and I have no doubt you will, put in a good word for me, will you?

    And, oh yeah, when you divorce the chocolate, you can send it over here. Luckily, that wasn’t one of my resolutions this year.

    • Let’s make an agreement, if one of us gets that agent, or book deal, we’ll spread the love. It has to be like chocolate, better when you share right?

      Oh damn, I forgot – I usually hoard chocolate. hmmmm…I’ll do better with putting in a word I think. Somehow I think you’ll get to that sacred author spot earlier than me, but either way, we’ll have each other’s back!

  4. Nicole Says:

    Hi Noelle:

    Now, let’s not be hasty. Are you sure you want a DIVORCE from chocolate? How about just a trial separation???

    How was your Christmas Holiday? Sounds like you were all prepared, so I’ll bet it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy.

    I’ve been in hibernation for the last few months – long story, maybe someday I’ll write about it! But the New Year has made me sit back and take stock, and I have a few goals for the year.

    I’m with you – let’s get the kids back to school!!!!

    Take care,


    • Hello Nicole!

      I don’t WANT a divorce from chocolate, I still love him so, but he just doesn’t love me back. He’s cruel, leaves me jittery, always wanting more, and he won’t stay away from my curves. A trial seperation sounds a little easier to take. hmmmmm.

      I’d love to see you out at the next writers breakfast meeting…it’s held in Ajax now, still the second Saturday – so this one coming. But you have to go online and RSVP by Wednesday – they don’t let you in at the door anymore. Let me know if you’re up for it!


  5. Jan Wright Says:

    Hi Noelle,

    Wonderful Blog!! As I creep up on 65 years of age, I envy you your holiday havoc, the to-do lists, the “Mom I am bored!” whines, the less than perfect and neat kitchen! While I do not wish to go back to the noise and lack of privacy, and husband and kids pulling you by the apron strings, I find that the quiet and calm of the holidays are less than fun. I remember wishing for peace, and the utter exhaustion from making sure everything was Martha Stewart perfect! If I knew then what I know now I would have relaxed my expectations and lived more in the moment.

    It sounds like you have everything under control and enjoyed the happy chaos and look forward to the new year. I am sure you will meet your resolutions (but really, do you want to ban Chocolate?).

    I wish you a very happy and healthy 2011! I hope all your writing dreams come true…you are a great writer with an ability to see the world in an unique view!

    Take care,
    Jan Wright, former P.R. fellow student

    • Hi Jan, good to hear from you and thanks!

      Getting notes like these helps remind me to enjoy my bouts of chaos, because you’re right…it goes by too quickly.

      I think you’ve nailed the secret, lowering expectations a tad will keep me more sane. Plus – nobody is really Martha Stewart perfect – not even Martha (aka the aproned jailbird). 🙂

  6. Cryssa Says:

    Happy New Year and Back to School (finally!). I know exactly how you feel about wanting the silence and the house back to yourself. It’s like, “I love you, I love you, now go.”
    May all your 2011 wishes come true, but you may want to rethink the chocolate one- I’m just saying. LOL. Good luck with the editing. It’s painful but it’s worth every extraction.

    • Hello Cryssa!

      It’s snowing like crazy here tonight and I swear if tomorrow is a snow day for my kids I’ll lose my mind!

      Thanks for the well wishes, and I hope to see you at the next books and bevvies. I’m thinking we’re due in Feb or March. Should be fun, and you’ll get to read again…sounds good right?

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