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I hate me some pooch… January 18, 2011

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Don’t call me a hater, I’m true dog lover.

My own pooch, my golden boy Maalik, provides a constant source of love and affection. He brings me much joy, and petting him is like meditation (that is, when he hasn’t rolled in something repulsive and vile). He lays beside me all day as I write, and in turn, is my first audience as I read my work aloud. (He thinks everything I write is brilliant by the way).

It isn’t just my own dog that brings me pleasure either. There’s a little Cairn Terrier (think Wizard of Oz) down the street that would warm the heart of even the harshest grump. I know a handful of good ol’ Heinz 57 dogs that are as sweet as they come. I love big dogs too – give me a Saint Bernard, a Great Dane, a Rottweiler, or a Bull Mastiff – all big slobbery beasts who tend to be gentle giants to boot.

Of course, my favourite is the Golden Retriever, because their disposition is exactly the type of being I want to be around. Calm, loving, quiet, friendly, ready to play at any given moment, but always welcoming a good snooze. I wish all the people I am around were like that too.

Which brings me to my point. Enter the beast, or the breed of beast – the German Shepard. What is it with these dogs? My dog has only been bit twice and both times it was German Shepards. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT to like this breed of dog – I think they’re quite majestic looking and are smart as a whip, so what’s not to like right? Wrong – they are the bully on the playground, which I didn’t like in grade school, and I don’t like now.

Our daily walks are calm and serene. The only source of stress in the entire hour is the few minutes we walk past a neighbour’s house who owns a German Shepard. That dog goes nuts, barking, running along the fence, jumping up against the chain link with a loud clank and crash that serves as our warning to move it along. I’m waiting for the day that the dog figures out that he can jump the fence with ease, and attack us both at his leisure.

Quite disturbing that out here in the boonies, it’s not the bears, wolves, coyotes, fishers, or (reported) cougars that I fear will eat my face off. It’s the domestic pet down the road. Geesh.

I guess it could be worse. I could live in neighbourhood instead of farming country and have to listen to the darn thing bark his head off all the time. And I guess if I’m looking for a silver lining, his tyrannical display does tend to invigorate my step, which gets my heart rate up, which pumps the blood to my brain so that I can come home and write something wonderful.

I guess I could stretch that silver lining that far…


10 Responses to “I hate me some pooch…”

  1. Bernice Says:

    O.k. So if you’ve seen any of my photos you won’t be surprised that I had to respond to this post. I’m a dog lover through and through. There are currently four curled up in the house somewhere (though not on the furniture!) Three standard poodles and, you guessed it, a big (120lb), dark (well more black than tan) german shepherd. Kurn is a big dopey dog. He’s outside quite often, not tied and with no fence to make him stay on the property. If you walk by he likely won’t even get up, but pull in the driveway and it’s a different story. He will drag his butt off the front porch, trot over to your car and wait – not quite patiently – for you to open the door and scratch his ear. If he is quite excited he will run over to your car, then leave to search for a ball or stick or frisbee to show you when you do actually open the door. The poodles on the other hand….well, they are a breed apart from the shepherd. So, when you decide that it is time to get up close and personal with a loving shepherd, come on over. Don’t be afraid to pull up the drive, open the door and welcome Kurn up onto your lap!

    • Hi Bernice!

      I’m not surprized that any dog you would have as part of your family would be gentle and loving. I do believe that the owner has alot do to with how the dog is and that is apparent based on the fact that that dog is never walked, alone most of the time, and is probably bored out of his mind! As an aside, my husband’s first choice for a dog would be a German Shepard – he loves them, but since I am the one who would be training and looking after any pets all day, it was a no-go. I myself am not active enough to handle the “worker” dogs who are happiest when they are doing a job like herding, guarding etc.

      And by the way…you must be SUPER busy – three poodles too? You like dogs who like to be on the move! No wonder you look so great!

  2. Dale Long Says:

    Hey, if that yappy dog is greasing the wheels of your imagination then I say “Bark away little doggy. Bark like you’ve never barked before.”

    ARF ARF!! AWHOOOOOOoooooo!!

    Let loose the hounds of creativity!

  3. Lisa Says:

    While it might be partly the owners, it’s also true that certain breeds have definite qualities – by design. Dogs like German Shepherds that are used as guard dogs can really go either way. I’ve known some wonderful, loving Shepherds. Then again, when I was a child I witnessed my father being attacked by one without provocation. In that case, the owners were good friends, so we knew the dog wasn’t mistreated or encouraged to be aggressive.

    All in all, I prefer Leonbergers – the gentle giants (think Dreyfuss on ‘Empty Nest’).

    But if the morning fright helps those creative juices get going, I’ll join Dale’s barking chorus.

    • That’s true Lisa. I think Golden’s are designed to drool and roll in dead stuff. Oh, and swim, for certain to swim.

      I didn’t get my morning walk (or morning fright) in yet, but my creative juices are flowing…I think it is sheer panic of not meeting my query goal this week, but whatever works. Wish I could write instead of query and research though…isn’t that always the way?

  4. Laurie Says:

    Hi Noelle,
    I enjoyed your post very much. My pooch (a jack russel) is asnooze in his dog bed beside my chair. He has dragged my snuggie into his bed and so his head rests on hearts and peace symbols. He’s a lover, not a fighter.


    • I’ve got a lover too. I wish owners would ensure their pups are social enough that they arn’t scary. But dogs, not unlike children, don’t always play well in the sandbox. 🙂

  5. Mich Says:

    love my golden too noelle!

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