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My oh my, what a wonderful day… January 27, 2011

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Ah, this wondrous world of technical advances and computer genius! Even though it’s Thursday and I’m bounding along the streets of Disneyworld today, I’m still posting two bits on my blog. Thanks to the advance feature of scheduling posts, I can be here and there at the same time.

Of course based on my vow to keep my hands off the keyboard, I wrote this post earlier this week knowing I couldn’t leave you for two weeks!

No way, no how.

I know my fingers will be itching to jot you a note, and who knows, maybe I’ll be given a reprieve to send one little ditty about an adventure on board, but until then this will have to serve as my blog fix. Knowing something is scrolling across the screen should make my writer’s withdrawal a little easier to take.

Based on my last three trips to Disney I can only imagine that as you read this post I’m skipping in the sunshine (sorry my fellow Canadians!). Likely I’m giddy, or cranky, or eating. Since I’ve scheduled this post for noon, it’s safe to say we will have ridden the Tower of Terror at least three times, and if I have eaten, I will have wished I hadn’t. I will have seen a few characters, which I still get excited about. I don’t care that it’s just a guy in a costume – he’s still adorable and gives me supersized hugs.

My kids have inherited my avid collector genetic factor, and so I can bet we’ve been spending a decent chunk of our “ride wait time” leaving Daddy in line, while we run around to the Disney employees, checking out the display of Disney trading pins they have on their lanyard. It is addictive, and incredibly dorky, but it beats waiting in line.

Sing, laugh, skip, ride stuff, eat stuff, trade stuff, get hugged by Mickey and pals. That’s my agenda for today. If I can work it in I’ll watch a parade and fireworks, and probably get all juiced up on pixie sticks and Mickey-shaped ice cream bars.

Zip-a-dee do da, zip-a-dee day….


2 Responses to “My oh my, what a wonderful day…”

  1. Dale Long Says:

    Not to be out-done, I posted this comment before you posted your blog timed to show up now… Owww, my head hurts.

    Have a great time, come back refreshed and inspired.

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