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When you wish upon a star… January 27, 2011

This Christmas we decided to surprise our kids with a vacation, a Disney Cruise to be exact. We thought it would be a huge hit – tears of joys, squeals of delight, hugs so hard it made our ribs hurt. I bought a Disney board game, sliced upon the plastic wrap with a knife, and carefully lifted the lid in order to keep the game looking untouched and still packaged. I made up little signs on the computer and taped them onto Mickey’s ears, and stuck the trip confirmation email on the inside of the box lid. We would save it as their last gift and video tape the whole thing. It was going to be just like those commercials where the kids get hysterical when they realize they are on their way to see Mickey and the gang.

Unfortunately, when I was picturing the scenario in my head, I didn’t account for the fact that the trip was a month away and essentially their “big present” was a board game with a piece of paper with a picture of a boat tucked into it.

Not to say that they weren’t grateful. They asked “really”? They said “wow, great”. (in a fairly flat, non-too-excited tone I might add). In the end, the wheel of fortune game was more exciting than the promise of a trip lurking in their future. Even when grandparents or their big sister has asked them about it, they give a matter of fact reply. Not overly excited, and certainly not the kids on the Disney commercials. That will teach me for buying into advertising. (“Book a trip and your kids will be this happy, love you this much, your life can be just like those people on TV”).

I’ve ploughed along this January, preparing for our trip at the end of the month. Packing bags, purchasing the required cruise wear for my family, booking the little extras, getting our snorkel gear rounded up. I have little flutters of excitement, but I’m on my own in terms of giddy anticipation. It’s just been too far out for anyone besides me to be thinking (or obsessing) about the details.

But, now we’re in countdown mode. This is the week we head off for vacation and the “commercial reaction” I was looking for with my kids on Christmas morning has arrived. They are going nuts. Counting down the days, packing up their little carry-on bags, bouncing on the beds…wild anticipation has entered the building.

Since this is a family vacation, I’ve been banned from the laptop. No writing, no blogging, not even any email checking. Although part of me resists, a big part of me appreciates the direction to relax and be fully engaged in the experience. It’s so easy to get lost in this virtual world instead of living the one out there.

Can you relate? Hello, can anyone relate?


10 Responses to “When you wish upon a star…”

  1. Heather.. your daughter Says:

    Just want to add… this “family vaca”… is missing a HUGE hunk of family… ME… and if I got a Disney Cruise tucked in surprise in a board game… I WOULD have looked like those darn spoiled kids on TV… just saying…hope the streets of Disney are swell

    • Awwwww…hun, I know you would have been the best little mouseketeer ever.

      And yes – we missed a HUGE part of our family for the fun. But think of how great that new place will feel…a new home sweet home. xo

  2. Nadine Lauren Says:

    I can relate Noelle but in a round about way. I am your kids – why get excited now when it’s still along way away. I have never really understood why an event that is pending in my future should inspire me to giddiness, sleepness nights, incessant planning and unproductive anticipation now! Dave on the other hand starts everyday leading up to a trip that is months away with; “so lovey – are you getting excited yet?”. I think the poor man is hoping for an attack of the Pod People and that overnight, I will be replaced by someone who truly mirrors his reality with respect to being excited for an upcoming event. Alas, that hasn’t happened for him yet but hope springs eternal in his breast. In fact, even now, I am getting the “so are you getting excited yet lovey?” question for a trip that doesn’t happen until July.

    But also like your children, as the days and weeks slip by and the date of departure looms on the near horizon, I too achieve that place where I can’t wait to leave………and if goes really great, I can wait to come back.

    Enjoy your time, live in the moment, the keyboard will welcome you back when you are ready.

    • Maybe me and uncle Dave need to plan a trip together! We could do daily emails and send little text reminders and even have a countdown calendar that bursts little confetti puffs out in celebration of being one day closer…

      Yup, I guess people on this side of the scale like me and Davbe can be pretty annoying too…lol!

  3. Cryssa Says:

    The commercial version would have been great- at first. Then you would have been subjected to the endless, “are we there yet” or the “how many more days until the trip” for the millionth time. Commercial reaction or not, it is special and I’m sure this will be the stuff of wonderful family memories. Enjoy and say hi to Mickey for us all.

  4. Dale Long Says:

    When we took our girls to Great Wolf (over commericalized) Lodge, we didn’t tell them anything. Not even on the drive there. The reaction? Same as the commercials only better. It’s all about timing.

    That said, age has something to do with it too. Sue gave me Norah Jones tickets last Christmas. She got the commercial reaction, “OhmygodthisisAWESOME!!” But maybe I’m just a big kid too.

  5. Jenna Says:

    Hey I am sure they will have a ball… your kids have been to Disney so maybe that is why they were not quite as excited.. I am sure once they get on that cruise yahoooo !!
    ENJOY I am so jealous one day we will go on the Disney Cruise….

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