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You spin me right round, baby, right round… February 10, 2011

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The vertigo has got to go.

I thought my land legs were holding out on me, since I’ve been feeling like a drunken sailor all week. I can’t seem to keep steady on my feet. When the room started spinning like I’d spent all day drinking oversized cosmos, I decided I won’t be cruising again anytime soon.

But then the familiar feeling of numbness in my face, and the headband of pain I seem to be wearing tuned me in to my old nemesis, the sinus infection. Sphenoid sinusitis, I hate you so.

This is a busy week to be under the weather. I’m completing a grant application for a writing scholarship, and have a waiting list of queries to put out to agents. My plan was also to write two chapters for my second novel, Life as a Teenage Mutant. Not the best time to be limited to 15 minutes at the screen before the room starts to swirl. I’m getting it done, but it’s slow going.

The Pollyanna in me assures this is one more reason to be grateful for good health, and for finding what makes me happy, even if it is in 15 minute intervals.

Although short and sweet, or at least short, my time here is up, because as the world turns has started playing in my head again. See you on the flip side.


3 Responses to “You spin me right round, baby, right round…”

  1. Dale Long Says:

    Maybe these 15 minutes of condensed writting will bring something new, if nothing else, the dizziness will… 😉

    Good luck with the grant, Noelle!

  2. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Sometimes illness is nature’s way of telling us to slow down. Give yourself a couple of days and if you can’t do that, do the essentials and let the rest go.

    Good luck with the grant. You deserve it.

  3. Thanks Dale and Lisa. I got an eyeopener last night about feeling too sorry for myself. I feel a post coming on…

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