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Exercise for the brain February 11, 2011

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My dear hubby took me to urgent care yesterday because the vertigo hasn’t let up, and frankly, he’s probably sick of looking at me in my pajamas with a dazed and confused look on my face. That, and the family living off cereal, soup and grilled cheese – that’s probably getting old after almost a week too.

Interesting thing about the drive there – it was the first time in a week that I wasn’t spinning. As long as I watched out the front window, I was vertigo-less. The minute we stopped, and as I sat waiting in the clinic, the spins were back. I can’t read or be on the computer for more than 15 minutes, and for that matter, sitting around watching TV has the same effect. But while I was coasting along the highway, my view of the world became balanced again. Very odd. Forward motion seems to work in my favour. Anyone have an explanation for this?

On a similar note, in my quest to do nothing, yet not go crazy, somebody sent me a link today about exercising your brain, and I thought I’d give it a try. You sign up for a free membership and it takes you through a series of questions, then gives you games to play to increase the speed, flexibility and attention span of the brain.

The site claims that “New scientific research shows that we can improve the health and function of our brains with the right mental workouts”, so I gave it a try. And guess what? I “played” for almost 30 minutes, and no spins! Once I stopped, took a break and a drink of water, then I had to sit back and deal with the vertigo again. Is this just me or is that weird?

Maybe being on holidays turned my brain to mush or something, and I just need to get to the brain gym in order to rid myself of this torturous spin cycle I’m living in. Who knows, but I’ll take 30 minutes of calm waters over 15 minutes any day.

If you want to improve your brain health, kill time, or to stop your world from spinning under your feet, give it a try. Learning can be fun, kids!

PS – it’s a great warmup for writers…I’m ready to let my fingers dance across the keyboard!

click this to check out Luminosity…the metal heads of the brain gym


13 Responses to “Exercise for the brain”

  1. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    I just tried some of those exercises. Very cool. I don’t have an explanation as to why your vertigo went away while you were playing. Maybe having to focus so hard forced you to see through the spinning.

    But what’s this about your family living on cereal, soup and grilled cheese just because you’re out of commission? My mother has a saying: “Any man who can’t feed himself isn’t very damn hungry.”

    Gotta go – I’m actually supposed to be writing today.

    • I love your mother’s expression!

      Sadly, in this house the lions share of the cooking and cleaning falls to me. I would complain more, but the share of fixing stuff and holding down a regular paying job falls to Will, so I figure it’s an even trade. Though, there might have been a slight meltdown this week about me having to do it all. Slight being huge. Being sick brings it out on the floor doesn’t it?

  2. Heather B Says:

    When I get the spins for drinking I play sudoku to make myself feel better! Kinda the same…. šŸ˜›

  3. vertigo is cased my an issue with your inner ear main causes are allergies getting in there and causing swelling in the inner ear or water getting in and either not getting flushes out quick enough or the water getting infected and causing swelling. You can rule out the causes by taking an antihistamine if your vertigo disappears it was water relatedā€¦ if not you could be allergic to something in which case you should take whatever over the counter med you try for allergiesā€¦ I know what for I speak of based on experience, in my case it is water getting in my ear my son has the same problem

    • Thanks Pat! I’ve gotten a lot of emails saying the same thing, so I am trying the different suggestions. I have never had a inner ear issue, so I just never thought that could be it. I don’t think the snorkelling or airplane rides could have helped. Wish me luch on me getting it fixed up asap.

      • snorkling and then an airplane ride… prognosis “water in the ear not draining” that would give anyone in the world vertigo.. try an antihistamine that should do the trick and dry out the ear.

  4. Cryssa Says:

    Sorry to hear that it hasn’t gone away yet. Hopefully, they can do something for you soon. It must be maddening.

    • Maddening is the perfect word Cryssa. And slightly depressing, but I’m doing my best to stay out of the “poor me” zone! I’m giving it the rest of this week and then we’ll do an MRI.

  5. Dave Says:

    Noelle – please get back to normal soon. I hate thinking of you as a dizzy blonde…

  6. Dale Long Says:

    Look on the bright side, now you have fodder for writing! Can’t see something like dizziness hold you down for long.

  7. Well Dale, I am always looking for fodder…lol.

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