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What if God was one of us… March 11, 2011

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In a world filled with war and crisis, joy and celebration, do we really need a blow-by-blow account of Charlie Sheen’s mental decline? The man has problems, there’s no doubt, but I’m just not sure why North America is mesmerized by watching his train wreck.

I’ll admit – I watched an interview he had with one of the major television networks and was shocked by his erratic, insane behaviour and his undeniable god complex. But more than shocked or captivated, I was simply sad. Not just that he had gone off the deep end, but that so many of us had jumped in alongside him, eagerly watching him barely treading there.

Now, I turn the tv channel if his name comes up, and even changed my morning radio station, because each morning for the last two weeks I woke to a morning entertainment update on Sheen’s latest antics or crazy statements about Tiger blood or superior brain capacity. I can’t listen anymore. Addiction denial and mental health issues are poor entertainment and I for one won’t take part in the voyeurism of it again.

As a writer, I become easily engulfed in the energy around me, and even a television program can tip the scales, and change the quality of my day and my work. So when I do get into the entertainment zone, I’m keeping my channel tuned to what brings me joy. Check out the link if you want to have gleeful moment in your day. (the link will take you to youtube to view the video).

One of my favourite episodes of Glee, where Finn turns to the face of Grilled Cheezus (Jesus) for guidance.


10 Responses to “What if God was one of us…”

  1. Gwen Says:

    I don’t know why Charlie Sheen is such a fascination to many people. He is troubled. I try to ignore that sort of thing. I also liked the Glee episode with Cheezus. 🙂

    • Hi Gwen – it’s nice to see a state side reader! Welcome, and thanks for reading. Glee is my favourite uplifter. I wish my kids could watch it for the humour and the music, and the life lessons, but at just 12 and 8, they are a little young for the content. Too bad, they love a good musical number too.

  2. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    I agree totally. I stopped with all celebrity voyeurism when Princess Diana was killed trying to escape the paparazzi.

    I remember one day a couple of years back when a woman was found dead in an apartment in the GTA. Was that the lead story on the news? Of course not. The lead story was Tiger Woods losing one of his endorsement deals. Sometimes I feel like am the only sane person left in the world. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone.

    • The worst part is that I think it somehow makes people feel better about their own lives when they see someone in a muck. It doesn’t say much if you are getting along better than Charlie Sheen.

      I could still cry over Lady Di. I loved her.

  3. Barbara Hunt Says:

    Now nature delivered a new “train-wreck” to watch in Japan. Charlie Sheen will pass just like Mel and all the others. It’s slow news when they keep focussing on Charlie, y’know?

    • Hi Barb – how true. Sad though that it took such devastation to shake the hounds off that bone.
      Congrats on your book release Barb! I hope to make it out the the launch!

  4. Cammy Lee Says:

    Hello Noelle,
    Love love love! your blog..thanks for sharing it. I really like your linked video clips…great!

  5. Rose Moncada Says:

    I agree with you whole heartily. I can’t even watch 2 & half men anymore because I won’t give in to him making anymore money off his show. His attitude is so appalling and I’ve watched one interview but had to change the channel part way.

    • So sad, isn’t it Rose? I was never a big fan of 2/12 men, but I do feel bad that so many people are affected – all the other actors, crew etc. If they cancel it, all of them are looking for a new job based on his addiction.

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