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Coming to terms with it… March 18, 2011

It finally happened. I aged.

One might think the moment came to me when my first-born (and all around wonderful human being) celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday. Yup, I birthed a tiny being a quarter of a century ago. One might think that would make me feel old, but it didn’t. Of course it might have helped that, during our girl’s night out in celebration of her big day, I had people gush over the fact that we looked more like sisters and less like a mother-daughter duo. It’s a compliment that I can’t help but adore. It might help too, that she is completely fabulous, so I can overlook the fact that her growing up makes me older too. For purely selfish reasons, I’m really okay with this one.

One might think it was the spring cleaning, where I decided to toss several old favourite clothing items because I thought I might look silly still wearing teen fashions. That sat with me fine, because of course I replaced it with new grown up things to wear. That didn’t push me over either.

It was my new glasses that did the trick. Or should I say, my new bifocals! WTF??

I went into the appointment asserting that although reading medicine bottles was getting a little tricky, I was in no uncertain terms, resisting bifocals. The doctor was empathic, and told me he’d check it out, but assured me I was probably right – I wasn’t old enough for bifocals.

Except when he did the little bitty word test, and I told him the one option was a million times better than the other, he just made a little uh-hun, turned on the light, and smiled at me with condolences. I had said it myself. A MILLION TIMES BETTER. Until I realized what my own words had meant, and then I backpedalled, saying it was a little better, but not a lot different. Who needs to read the recommended dosage anyway?

The choice was mine he’d said, but in terms of the test results I was ready for bifocals, even if the fibre of my youth wasn’t. It hit me then.

I grew up – damn! When did that happen? I hesitate to say I got old, because it makes me want to cry a little, or at least moan and groan, and hunch over a wee bit.

I revolted against the news, and reverted back a few years (or decades) and treated myself to a bag of sugary penny candy (which now costs a dime each – help me lord), and a new Hello Kitty t-shirt that I’m sure my youngest daughter will take ownership of, as soon as I come off the ledge.

Anyone up for a game of snakes and ladders?


11 Responses to “Coming to terms with it…”

  1. Rose Moncada Says:

    I know what you mean. My daughter turns twenty-five in a few months and when I’m reminded of her age I cringe, knowing my own age is up there. The worst part was when I was told I need reading glasses, well, didn’t I freak. How, when, not yet, I’m not my moms age. But as the year pass, I’ve gotten used to the fact that my daughters are adults, and if I don’t dwell on the fact that I am my mothers age when she started wearing reading glasses, then I’ll pass in a few years the fifty mark without totally messing with my mind.

  2. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Hey, Noelle – I’m a year younger than you and I just started menopause.

    Bet you feel a whole lot better ’bout those bifocals now, don’t you?

  3. Norma Bickle Says:

    Okay Noelle listen up !! stop whineing !! The time to really feel sorry for yourself is 20yrs from now and they tell you they can’t correct your vision because you have CATERACTS !! Then you can feel sorry for yourself. LOL I am afraid the joke is on all of us.

  4. Dale Long Says:

    I was told by my eye doctor that I was teetering on the edge and that my eyesight would go from good to bi-focal overnight. Really?
    Know why I wear a hat all the time? Because when I take it off I look like Red Skelton, not Bredan Fraser.
    I hate aging.

  5. I think the jump from Brendan Fraser to Red Skelton is a leap…and not true!
    I do agree though – aging sucks. The part the bothers me is that I never appreciated being younger, thinner, fitter, none of it. I’m trying to take it all with a grain of salt and appreciate the now…but some days are harder than others.

  6. Deb Rankine Says:

    I knew what old really was when my daughter — six-years-old at the time — asked me if she, too, would have long boobies when she grew up.

    They say with age comes wisdom. I say it’s okay to wanna stay stupid awhile longer.

    • OMG! Long boobies – so funny! My son once asked me what a muffin top was, and when I told him it was a roll on your stomach that spilled over your jeans, he told me they should call it a hamburger instead since I had 3 rolls. lol. I’d love to say he was being a smart-ass, but he was only four and a total mama’s boy, so that wasn’t the cause. Things kids say…so funny, the little jerks!

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