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So much for spring… March 28, 2011

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We tapped our trees last weekend, though we were a full two weeks later than last year. The sun just hadn’t come out up north, and there was no action in the trees. In case you don’t know, the trees actually start to drip sap out of little cracks in the branches or breaks in the trunk. You can see it, and you can feel it. You can even catch it on your tongue. Some days you can stand under an old maple and feel like it’s a light rain dripping down. Except it’s sweet, and slightly sticky.

This year though, it’s still so cold (-9 today!) that the sap had 3 great days of running and then froze in the buckets. Each day I hope the sun will shine down, warm the veins of the tree and start producing. But today is not that day. Nor is tomorrow or the next day apparently with the forecast calling for below zero temperatures all week. OY!

As a backyard sugarer, it means I’m stuck at the starting gate. As a writer, this little holdup means I have no distractions, no excuses and I should be getting chapters upon chapters written. Funny how that doesn’t seem to be happening.

I love Canada for the wonderful seasons she gives us. I enjoy the soft rain producing buds of new growth in the spring, the full of green with multitudes of flowers all summer, the vibrant colours of our trees in autumn, and the crisp winters with beautiful snow that provides my kids and my dog with countless hours of fun. I would however, like to request a little more even division of the seasons.

Hello? Winter? You’ve had your turn! Anytime now, spring…you can do it. I have faith in you.

And I could use a little help with the excuses here…

Sap frozen right in the tap

Blocks of ice from the much for making syrup!


2 Responses to “So much for spring…”

  1. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Yes, I’m with you! A little more even with the seasons, please. While I do like winter, I really wish we had six months of summer and two months of winter instead of the other way around.

    • Though with all this weird stuff going on due to global warming, we may be glad we are settled into Canada. You know it’s been warmer in the evenings here, than the daytime? How werid is that?

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