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The Prestige of Being a Writer April 6, 2011

As a writer, my inner critic tells me on an ongoing basis that I’m sludge and my work stinks. Life as an emerging writer can be tough. But, it’s not the ongoing and expected rejection, the incredible amount of talented (and untalented) competition, or the ever-changing publishing industry that brings the biggest challenge.

It’s the neigh-sayers.

Dealing with the judgement and negativity of everyday people – those ingrained in my life, or those just passing by – that’s what takes the wind out of my sails.

Seeing your novel published, like any dream, doesn’t often fall into the lap of a writer. It’s work. Hard work. Incredibly hard work. And not that I’m looking for sympathy, or even support, but the belittling and snide remarks about my success as a writer get under the skin, no matter how tough the hide. I hope that after all the blood, sweat and tears, I achieve my goal and can take pleasure in rubbing it in the neigh-sayers face just a little bit. A smidge. Or at least blow them a big raspberry inside my own head.

Until then, I just keep plugging along, and occasionally make fun of the Debbie-Downers in life. You have to laugh to keep from crying I suppose. Speaking of poking fun, my friend Michelle turned me onto this neat movie making tool, and I’ve put together a little re-enactment, so you too can understand the prestige of being a writer.


13 Responses to “The Prestige of Being a Writer”

  1. Dale Long Says:

    AWESOME!! He said everything those neighsayers imply and she said everything we’d like to say. Ok, well not me, I don’t pull any punches. My hind sight says “Damn, maybe I shouldn’t have said that” not “Damn I wish I had said that.

    Did he fart at the end?

    Maybe you should write scripts as well. Oh and educational films. After-all, you don’t have anything to do, right? (please don’t hit me) 😉

  2. Yes, the fart was my last attempt at comic relief. Body noises are not usually something that I enjoy or laugh at, but somehow, it just worked here…lol.

    No hitting…I know my fellow writers get it. 🙂

  3. James Says:

    Truly hilarious. And so true. I used to be part of the American Dream. I could have been that clod asking those inane questions. Now I’m a writer. I see the wasted energy and mindless duty to materialism in him. He needs us to show him how to be happy. We do that by writing about our own foibles and weaknesses and exposing the humanity in ourselves through our stories. It’s the only way most humans will allow real change to sneak inside them. How clever of us.

    Living the dream! YES!

  4. Thank you for helping me believe I could live it!

  5. Lisa Says:

    Too funny.

    Personally, I’m jealous. I still have one of those pesky jobs that keeps interfering with my writing time.

  6. natalie Says:

    You are definitely a gifted writer,you write like you talk..because I know you I can hear your words in my head when I read you posts.
    Your wit,sense of humor and views on life are so easy to relate to. You will be published,I would bet on it..(and I am too cheap to gamble)
    Keep up the good work,and don’t forget us Cougars when you’re rich and famous!!!
    Eff the neigh sayers!!

    • Thanks Nat! For every neigh-sayer, there are a crowd of cheerleaders, so who am I to complain really? It’s a bit like compliment from one person gets shadowed by the insult of another.

      I’m doing my best to block out the crappy comments and treasure the wonderful ones like yours! 🙂

  7. John Says:


    We all are in your debt for bring so many smiles into our lives as we toil away at our keyboards.

    Thank you so much!! Perhaps you can add that to your list of achievements — “you enrich the lives of those around you”

    – John

    • Wow! Enriching the lives of those around you are big boots to fill!!! But thank you, thank you, thank you for the vote of confidence!

      And isn’t it funny how it takes one to know one? I think once you hit 40 you get smart about surrounding yourself with people who bring positive energy into your life. Very likely, that is why we were drawn to each other and became freinds. Pollyanna’s unite!

  8. Laurie Says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t catch my breath because I’m laughing so hard and the dog is staring at me trying to figure out why I woke him up. You got everything so right!!!


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