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Sweeter Than Sugar April 11, 2011

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Hurray! I got a WCDR grant!

What’s better than candy? That would be sex.

What’s better than sex? That would be getting free money!

Okay, well maybe not BETTER than sex, but it runs a pretty close second or third. And getting free money and then having candy and sex? We’ll that’s a day made in heaven, or at least a day in my heaven.

So went my weekend. Free money – thanks to the Writers Community of Durham Region. I received a grant scholarship towards a five-day intensive course I’ll be taking this coming fall that will prepare me to lead workshops for the general population and for traditionally silenced people. I give a big shout out to my favourite community and biggest support group – the WCDR for the opportunity to apply for this grant, and for encouraging me to forge ahead with ongoing training. Thank you WCDR!

The rest of the day rounded out nicely with sugary sex thanks to my own doing, and great candy courtesy of my husband. Scratch that – great sex courtesy of my husband and sugary candy of my own doing.

All in all, there is no better day than one that involves free sex, great candy and sugary money.


10 Responses to “Sweeter Than Sugar”

  1. goforwords Says:

    Not really free money Noelle! You neglect to mention that it was your incredibly well crafted grant proposal that earned you that grant. But then that’s your typical modesty – also very sweet!

  2. Why would I ever need to boast with friends like you around? I’ll take any compliment I can get with a an enormous thank you!

  3. Dave Says:

    Whew….. I gotta have a smoke after that post!!

    Congratulations gurl. Yoo da best!!!!

  4. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Congratulations! But Sue is right – you earned that money, it wasn’t free at all, though it’s still wonderful to receive.

    • Thank you Lisa. Writing that grant proposal was a great way to really think about what I’ve done and what goals I have for the future. It was work, but so worth it!

  5. Erica Says:

    Congratulations Noelle! You are definitely living your dream! I’m really happy for you! Great picture too!

  6. Nicole Says:

    Congratulations Noelle! That’s awesome and you deserve all of it. The sex, the candy, AND the grant! LOL!

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