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A little snip here, a little tuck there… June 14, 2011

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My parents are packing up the house we grew up in and moving someplace more manageable. A condo perhaps, that part’s still undecided. But one thing is certain, clean-up has begun. And that means things that have been stored there for many years are finding their way out of the closets and attic and being passed along or put to rest. Treasures are being unburied. Case in point – my wedding dress.

I’m not exactly sure why the dress has been at my mother’s for the past 13 years, but it has, and other than one occasion about 10 years ago, I haven’t pulled it out and looked at it since. I loved that dress, Raw silk, detachable train, fine details that made it perfect. I wore it with a tiny pearl tiara and a fingertip veil. I felt very princess-like.

Of course I wanted to pull out my lovely dress, hold it up to the light and admire it. Maybe I’d even try it on for old times’ sake. Feel like a princess again.

Well, that dream was squashed the minute I held the tiny dress up in my hands. What happened? Could it have shrunk being packed away? Maybe being in the dark? Did elves come in the night and alter my beautiful gown? It was small. Or then again, maybe it wasn’t the garment that shrunk as much as it was the princess who grew. Sadly, gasp, that dress was more than 30 pounds ago. How the hell did that happen?

Who knew marriage was so bad for your health?

So in the end, I just petted it for a while because I care enough about my mental health that I avoided trying it on and devastating myself. I did try on the tiara and veil instead (hurrah – it fit!), After giving a few twirls I packed it up again nicely and made some June resolutions to eat less and exercise more. Oy. Maybe the elves in my attic can make some alterations that let out the side seams a bit. I still am princess-like after all.


16 Responses to “A little snip here, a little tuck there…”

  1. deepamwadds Says:

    I am convinced that clothes left in the closet do shrink. Pretty sure that’s a fact. I hung my wedding dress on the wall for a couple of years… it was elk skin, though, so it didn’t shrink. My first wedding dress became my step-daughter’s Halloween costume. I mean really, what do you do with it??? You look beautiful, by the way. Now and then.

  2. Right back at you woman…and thank you. You are princess-like too. Or godess-like more so…

  3. Sandra Says:

    Oh how true. Thirty pounds for me too:o)
    But you, the dress, the memories (Not to mention those shoes!) are beautiful.

  4. llake16 Says:

    What a beautiful dress, Noelle! You look radiant in that picture.

  5. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    I see the same elves that have been rampaging through my closet have invaded yours as well. They must be stopped!

    You do look gorgeous. Then and now.

  6. Wow – this blog post really allowed me to milk some compliments! Whodda thought? Thank you Lisa, and you have a good point – even though the elves have invaded our closets, they can’t take away our contagious smiles and endearing personalities…lol.

  7. When I was married, I was so thin you could spit through me. 6’2″ and 150 pounds. At my worst, last year, I’d gone up to almost 230. Now, I’ll admit, at a buck-fifty, I could use some added poundage, but not 50% more. Now, the good thing is, guys don’t keep their tuxes. We rent them. With good reason, judging from the comments above. Anyway, what hit me was when I tried on my suit last summer a couple of days prior to my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary (imagine being married for fifty years!). To my horror, I could not get the pants to join up at the top. It wasn’t that they were tight…THEY WOULD NOT MEET.

    Seriously. I looked like Mr. Incredible in the Incredibles movie trying to squeeze into his old spandex suit. It was so not a pretty sight.

    So I had to sheepishly go to my wife and mumble something about getting a bigger suit. She was nice and didn’t bug the crap out of me about my ever-expanding waist. We just went out and bought a suit. A bigger suit.

    Then work got stressful and life got stressful and for some reason, for about six weeks, I just couldn’t eat. I lost 40 pounds in six weeks. Not a diet I would ever recommend, but I’ve managed to keep it off since.

    The plus side to all of this? I had occasion to put on a suit last Friday. I pulled out the one from last summer. There was no way I could wear it, it was just too big. But I WAS able to fit perfectly into that one I had tried in vain to get the two ends to meet. It fit perfectly.

    So, stress or no stress, it worked. Yay stress.

    • Is it sick that I know that if my husband and I split up I would be stressed enough to lose all my extra weight and look fab-o? In a very twisted sense, the fact that my husband is so accepting and loves me regardless has acutally hindered my ability to look hot. I know right now he will read this and say – wait – so this is my fault too? lol. I wish I could just lose the excess with out the stress, but damn, I love chocolate so very much.

      You always really make me laugh Tobin. Thanks for my chuckle (or actually, my snort).

  8. Dale Long Says:

    As a man and a husband AND a father of two girls, it’s in my job description to be wrong all the time. 😉

    That is such a great picture of you two and don’t let the closet elves shrinking your wedding dress make you think that a picture taken today would be any different.

  9. Diane Bickle Lehman Says:

    Gorgeous then, Gorgeous now!!!

  10. If seeing you at Stacey’s shower was any indication, it must run in the family! xo

  11. Rose Moncada Says:

    Those elves need to be stopped! They’ve been in my closet through the years shrinking my clothes.

    You look gorgeous–then and now.

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