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Getting geared up and stressed…er, I mean ready. July 7, 2011

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I haven’t been sleeping, I’m skipping breakfast, eating cereal for lunch and having late dinners that start with dessert. My house looks like a bomb went off right down the center it, and I’ve been shopping way more than I should be. What’s the problem, you ask?


Why am I stressed, you ask?

I leave at six a.m this Saturday morning for the Humber School for Writer’s (HSW) Summer Workshop. I couldn’t be more please about it. While I spent the same time there last year as a workshop attendee, this year I’ll be working as a teacher’s assistant for Nino Ricci. I’m thrilled, excited, and downright giddy about it. So why am I stressed, you ask?

I didn’t say bad stress, I just said stress. And the list of bits getting to me include: leaving my kids and husband to fend for themselves, leaving my dog walk-less for a week, and leaving the house (in hopes that the cleaning fairies visit while I’m gone). I worry about my daughter getting to camp on time, with appropriate gear and sunscreen on; about my son getting to tennis, getting a new racquet, and not pulling his hair out with the antics at home between his father and sister; and that my pets will never forgive me for the abandonment. I worry that my house will look even more destroyed than it does now, and that my husband will be so exhausted and fed up that he’ll want a divorce or worse – tell me no more writing weeks away (yes, to a writer that is worse).

I’m also worried about my role as an assistant in that classroom. Anyone who knows and loves (or even likes) me, will know I have energy to spare and I can be spastic at times. That exuberance seems to accelerate when I’m nervous or excited, and I’ll be both. I’ll planning to try to keep level-headed and look normal so I don’t scare the “real authors” off with my intensity. I know it can be a bit much – but honestly, its work to contain.

So I’m busting at the seams happy about my week away at the HSW Summer Workshop for Writers and can’t wait to see Wonderful Wayson again. I understand I’m also in for a treat with the incredible Nino Ricci, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the students he’ll mentor during the workshop. I want to be a sponge and soak it all in!

It would be a dream to one day blog about being a speaker at HSW. Once I meet the goal of getting published, that’s the next goal I have on my list (besides getting a second novel published). My plan: write a novel (check), attend HSW (check), spend a year revising novel (check), write second novel (check), work as a classroom assistant at HSW (check), get published (???), finish second novel (check), be invited to be a keynote speaker or mentor at HSW (???), get published again (???), write third novel (???) get published again (???), write fourth novel (???), get published again (???), and so on and so on…

Here’s hoping for a productive week and hip hip hurray for one more thing I can check off my list of goals on my road of words and all things bookish!


18 Responses to “Getting geared up and stressed…er, I mean ready.”

  1. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Trying to feel sorry for you … trying … digging deeper now … nope. Totally jealous, stress and all. Not only did you score a week at HSW as a teaching assistant for Nino Ricci, you managed it just as the kids get off school and invade the house for the summer. Have a great time. You’ll be fabulous, as always.

  2. David Says:

    I went to Humber in 2007 and I was in a group with Alistair MacLeod, it was absolutely amazing. I’m very jealous that you get the opportunity to be an assistant. Enjoy your week and be sure to blog about it.

    • Hi David – I was there as a participant last year with Wayson Choy as my mentor, and I agree wholeheartedly – it was amazing. Life changing for me actually. I will blog about it, and thanks – I will enjoy it!

  3. Deepam Says:

    Lisa’s right. No sympathy here, either. Enjoy the stress and the freedom. Just remember to breathe. I have no doubt that all of the items on your list will be checked before too long.

  4. Cryssa Says:

    I can’t help but echo that. I so envy you!!!! But I’m so glad you are doing this. Your persistence and enthusiasm is paying off and I can only believe it will carry you through to the bottom of your goal list.

    • I hope so! It takes so much patience and tenacity doesn’t it? ARGH! Just give me a fab-o book deal…somebody! Anybody?
      Patient, tenacious…Patient, tenacious…Patient, tenacious…Patient, tenacious…

  5. Mary Says:

    Everything will work out great – everything but the housecleaning fairies.

  6. At the rate you’re going, Noelle, I foresee you checking off every one of those goals, and more. I’d love to have you as a classroom assistant, or even as a classmate. I predict you’ll be invited back. You’ll be awesome! Go get ’em.

  7. Jenny (Stacey) Licis Says:

    Congratulations!!!! You will be amazing!!! Your Cougar Friends are thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your way.

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