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Day one at Humber School for Writers… July 9, 2011

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I’m exhausted. Full day loaded with information. The speakers are fabulous and the energy in the room of 80 writers is electric. It feels much calmer this time for me though…I’m not busting with nervous energy and making a fool out of myself this time around. (small blessings!)

We had 13 success stories from HSW alumni, and had speakers that included an agent, a publisher and the wonderful Wayson Choy. He talked about writing your truth, but telling it slant. He reminded us all to venture into those raw, scary places where the best writing comes from. Good advice if you are looking to resonate with your readers.

I meet Nino Ricci tomorrow which will be exciting, and some editors, authors, and other industry people lined up to speak. It should be another full day of fill-you-brain-till-it-bursts information. I am already in my PJ’s and setting a record – lights will be out by ten! What can I say? My brain hurts!


4 Responses to “Day one at Humber School for Writers…”

  1. Ruth Walker Says:

    Hey Noelle! So good to read your blog. I so rarely comment but had to wish you sweet dreams filled with published books with your name on the spine. I recall hearing your narrative voice for the first time at A Novel Approach and thinking to myself, oh yes, that is a voice.

    No worries about you telling it slant baby. It will be sheer pleasure to watch your engines rev and your wheels burn rubber on the path to publication. Motor on, girlfriend. And keep keeping it real. Thinking of you in all that Humber energy.

    • Thanks Ruth. I so long for my name on the spine.

      Humber is all I had hoped for – again. It is a fabulous place to be. Great energy, great contacts, great speakers. My brain hurts by the end of the day though!

  2. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    You go, girl! What a great way to start off a week at HSW – with an agent request for your manuscript. It can only get better from here.

    • Thanks Lisa – you too! How great is that? When I get back we have to swap agent stories. Can’t wait to chat with you, and here’s hoping for speedy responses (and positive ones) for both of us!

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