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Send Full Manuscript…music to my ears. July 10, 2011

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I held out on you my dear readers, but I needed time to let it marinate.

You all know I’ve been worked like a mad-woman on my revisions for Life as a Teenage Mutant. I finished last week and promptly sent out a query letter to my first pick agent with sample chapters attached. That was Monday. On Friday afternoon, life got better. I got an email with those three words that make life worthwhile.

“I love you.”

Okay, it wasn’t actually those words. It was “send full manuscript”, but to a writer, that does say I love you. At least I love you a little, or right now, or I have the potential to love you. To say I was giddy is an understatement. If it wasn’t enough that I had my bags packed for the Humber School for Writers Summer Workshop, this news put me over the edge. I was a ball of nerves. Quite honestly, when I replied to the email and had to hit send, I almost threw up. It was that unsettling. But glorious.

So I came to Humber giddy as a school girl and have been fluttering around here ever since. It was a great day yesterday, and another great one today. I guess if I had to pick one moment that stood out more than the rest though, it was lunch. No, they didn’t serve chocolate covered chocolate. I sat down to chat with an agent and had a great discussion about the direction of Young Adult fiction and the evolution of a writer from dreamer to worker. She asked a lot about my work, and there is nothing better than talking about your novel – unless it’s talking about your novel to an agent! Oh, yes…I almost forgot – she said she’d like to read my stuff. I assumed a few chapters, because that seems to be step one in this business (actually query is step one, chapter samples is step two). When I confirmed and said -“Three or four chapters then?” she made my day. She said she loved me. No – she didn’t, but she did say “send full manuscript”. Can I hear a hallelujah?

So now I have a new high – two agents in one week. Pretty amazing and I’m trying to just focus on the good of it – the high. Except sending a full manuscript is much like disrobing. Not totally of course, that comes when you actually get published and have your work out there for the whole world to see. Commando style. No – full manuscript is sort of like taking off your shirt and bra. Exposed from the waist up.

You can bite your nails right along with me – agents are piled high with reading material and authors waiting to be discovered, so I hope to hear back soon, but imagine it might take a while to get the news either way. Until then, I just have to stand here, hands to the sky and boobs to the floor, and hope they like what they see.

It’s times like this I wish I were an A-cup.


27 Responses to “Send Full Manuscript…music to my ears.”

  1. Phil Dwyer Says:

    Congratulations Noelle – you must be walking on air… fingers crossed that they make the right decision. P.S. I hate you 😉

  2. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Gee, thanks for the visual. NOT! So very happy for you – two in one week, wow. I know you’ll get at least one offer. Maybe you’ll get two and have to choose between them.

  3. Great post,Noelle, filled with great news. This is your week. Your summer. Hell, let’s get naked and say your year! Congratulations!

  4. Riki Turofsly Says:

    That is great, Noelle. Wow! Whose class are you in this year? Riki

    • Hi Riki – I bet it reminds you of our great time here, right? I am helping out Nino Ricci this year. Different experience because I’m not nervous or as star-struck as last year (though I’ve had my moments…lol) Hope to see you and the 2010 Humber Gang soon. xo

  5. Dale Long Says:

    Blaze the path Noelle!

    You’ve inspired me to knuckle down and stop filtting about. Well as much as one my size can flit.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Well done & congratulations! Best of luc with both!

  7. Congrats, make sure you have a good “NDA/NCP” (Non Disclosure Agreement and Non Compete) agreement in place . before you send over the full manuscript. this will protect you from an agent who things you have a good project but might thing that another writer in his/her stable would be more marketable… I have seen/heard it happen many times before… good luck and be careful.. protect yourself and your property at all times… if your agent doesn’t want to sign your agreement what he/she is saying is that they cannot guarantee that they will not screw you.

    • Always the business minded Pat. 🙂 Both are very reputable agents in Toronto, so I couldn’t be more blessed, but I will take your wisdom to heart. Thanks Pat.

  8. Rose Moncada Says:

    You made me choke on my water! (boobs to the floor/A-cup 🙂

    Aside from laughing so hard that my side hurts I’m so thrilled for you!!!! Two agents!!! Way to go girl!!!! You rock!!!!

  9. Noelle! That is so incredibly fantastic! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out 🙂

    • Thanks Claudia…me too! We need to do coffee and talk. Now that it looks like this is YA, I need a published YA author to bounce ideas and questions off. Who better than Smudge’s Mark author Claudia Osmond (everyone get your copy now)

      Did you like that little plug? Was it subtle? 🙂 It was well earned though!

      • Yes. Perfectly subtle. :0)
        And yes, coffee. Soon. Once my rewrite is done I’ll be free! (For about two days, ’til I dive into my next project. You know …)

  10. Erica Says:

    So Exciting!!! Looking forward to continued good news!

  11. melanie scott Says:

    Yeahhhh Noelle.. U must have grown up in Courtice????lol..I wish you the best of luck!!!xo

    • From Courtice? What tipped you off…the desperation for love, the boobs on the floor, or the chocolate covered chocolate? We Coutice girls are a different breed, right?

  12. Nicole Says:

    Wow Noelle! That is amazing news, congratulations! You definitely deserve it, you have worked hard!!! 🙂 I was reading your post so seriously, then I get to the A-cup part…too funny! Have a great week at Humber, take care.


  13. Deb Rankine Says:

    Noelle, fabo post! And my heartfelt congrats on all your success. You’ve worked so very hard. Time to enjoy the ride.


    The Fridge Whisperer.

    • I have a feeling there won’t be any coasting any time soon – the ride may be more like Devil’s Elbow. Spinning, spinning. I am trying to put it out of my mind and wait patiently, but there is no shot of that. I’m biting my nails to the bone!

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