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Lost your nuts? August 22, 2011

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Is it just me up here in the north or did summer slip away from us? What happened? It’s deceivingly bright outside with the sun beaming down on a frigid, windy day. I had to put on long sleeves and pants and even socks this morning. And I had to get up in the night for an extra blanket. What the heck?


I let the sunny season get away from me this year. I’m that squirrel that didn’t gather nuts and now panicked that I frittered away all the warm days. I don’t even have a good excuse. I didn’t spend each day working my fingers to the bone, or whisking my kids around to amazing places. We meandered around and did the odd thing and poof – fall is upon us. Does this mean I sucked at summer fun? What the heck will my kids say in their “what I did this summer” essay?

Dear Teacher,

I did squat this summer. It was boring. The end of it was weird because my mother kept running around talking about being a squirrel and losing her nuts. I think she’s wrong. She’s got nuts to spare.

Signed Ho Hum.


My kids haven’t complained about boredom or doing nothing. They aren’t impressed about doing the odd day trip unless it’s to someplace wow –  like say – Wonderland. Local beach or mini-golf or tennis or the library? Meh. Not so interested. Not a thrill. At least I have the excuse of being old, depressed and tired. What’s up with them? They’re kids for goodness sake – where’s their pep and vigour? Why don’t they hang from the rafters  and chant: “Let’s go out! Let’s have fun!” Kids these days. They don’t even realize they didn’t collect any nuts.


If I get on my knees summer, will you come back?


6 Responses to “Lost your nuts?”

  1. Candy Says:

    Oh noelle I always love reading your blogs, they give me quite a laugh most times. And I hear you..where did summer go? I actually had to wear a sweater the last few days an being situated right beside the lake while working here at the CNE, its quite chilly. Can the warm weather come back an stay?

  2. Hi Candy – how do you like working there? Awesome adventure. Will you post photos?

  3. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    I think it might be just you because I’m loving this weather. Finally turned off the a/c and opened all the windows. First time in at least a month I didn’t wake up sweating in the night. And I have definitely NOT been reduced to wearing socks yet. Oooo…. wait, that might be just ME.

    I do hear you, though. Trees are changing colours, corn is ripe. Back to school in a couple of weeks. Time to organize winter clothing soon. : (

  4. Rhonda Martin Says:

    Ok, we have had summers like that in the past, ones that involved me freaking out in the last week of the summer, trying to give the kids something to say in their “What did you do this summer?” essay. I hear you, I hate that.

    This year, it is not an issue, we are in New York, it is hot, we don’t need sweaters and socks but I am panicked that we can’t see the entire city in the short time we have here. Same concept though…

    Wish you were here…

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