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Alter Ego Getting Me Into Trouble December 22, 2011

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So in case you didn’t know – I have two blogs. One is here – you found it. Many of you are my loyal readers and I adore and appreciate you all for hanging in there with me. But as some of you know I have a second blog too. Sounds excessive, but there is a logical explanation. I really do blog for a purpose.


This blog started out being a platform to talk about my writing journey. I had chapter samples online and posted about all the highs and lows and middle grounds about the business of books and being a writer. When I ran out of things to talk about though (aka – the process is much harder and longer than I ever anticipated, and there is a lot of wait-and-see time involved), then I would write a bit about life in the boonies. Thing is – my readers liked that better. I had more hits on the site and more comments left. So my Bound by the Word blog morphed into a “Life as Me” type of blog. Which is all fine and good, except when I wrote my second novel – which turned out to be more of a Mature Young Adult (16-30) book, my blog wasn’t the best way to introduce new people to my book, regardless of whether that was readers, agents, or potential publishers.


My novel, Life as a Teenage Mutant, delivers a gritty coming of age story, and follows the protagonist (main character who you cheer for) Abby Brooks from age 12-19. Abby’s voice is distinct and engaging and so in order to showcase her and her life, I created a new blog – On that site you’ll find chapter sample from that novel, as well as blog posts written in the voice of Abby. It’s a way for blog readers to get to know this character and get to want to know her more. (ie – read the book when it comes out).


The blog is narrated by Abby in her 20’s, and reflecting back a bit about life growing up, and also living as a grown up, trying to make it through life happy and whole. I thought it was a pretty brilliant plan. I can write anything – using some of my own experiences, emotions, opinions to express thoughts about all kinds of topics I don’t really cover here. It’s a bit more racy, and a lot more saucy, and maybe a little more dysfunctional too. That being said – it is Abby talking, not me…but because Abby is really me in my head writing down on the page, it can get a little confusing. I’m writing in someone else’s voice who isn’t me, but who on occasion sounds an awful lot like me, which makes sence, because I do have a hand in it after all. Sounds confusing? I know.

It was a little confusing for some family and friends too – who didn’t really understand what I was doing and why I was writing about being single, being lonely, or having a teenage boy ejaculate all over my jeans. Needless to say – it was good for a chuckle and oops!, but certainly at the expense of giving people who loved me extra grey hairs! Don’t worry Mom and Dad – I’m not moving back home with two kids, a dog, a cat, and new teenage boyfriend – trust me!  I’m still here in the boonies – happy with my husband, my children, my animals, my home, my life, my open spaces, and my neighbouring cows. Fear not, family and friends…all is good.


I’m having a blast writing in Abby’s voice though. She doesn’t hold back, and she’d love to hear from you too – so if you haven’t checked it out – click on the book cover on the right and please go visit my other blog. It would be good tidings to me if you subscribed  to either or both sites which just means you put your email on the “let me know when I send new posts” button on the right hand side of the page. It helps with my site stats on my end, and for your end, a notification comes when I’ve sent a new post. It goes to your email and you can click the link and have it right there to read! Let me know what you think of Abby…and no – I won’t tell you which parts are true, and which parts are fiction!




2 Responses to “Alter Ego Getting Me Into Trouble”

  1. John Says:

    A great idea. It sounds like it is as much fun to write as it is to read. Love the book cover (btw the cover takes away any of my previous reservations about the title — it all “fits”)

    • Thanks John. I’m still wrestling with the title. It fits if it stays in the YA genre, but it isn’t so great if it is a crossover to adult fiction. I also like the title Beautiful Mess. I don’t know that it matters all that much – a publisher will name it whatever the damn well please and I’ll just smile and thank them for publishing it, regardless of the title. I’m trying not to get too attached to any one title, as I know the name change is one thing many authors talk about. Thanks for reading!

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