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Takin’ on a new year… January 3, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Noelle Bickle / Abby Brooks @ 11:14 AM

Welcome 2012, where have you been my whole life?  My arms are open wide to a brand new year with you and I know you won’t let me down. I hardly know you, but I trust you completely. When I saw you across the room,  I knew you were different. I could tell you were nothing like the others. You were special, you were the one.

I don’t know if it was the way you stood there, confident and calm, not cocky like those other asshole years you call your friends. They didn’t treat me right, no they didn’t. Sure, we had some good times, created some magic along the way, but nothing that lasted. I want the real deal. I want what every girl wants – magic that lasts. Won’t you be that for me 2012?

There’ssomething in the way you moved towards me, staring at me straight on, assuring me that you were the one. We were made for each other, I can feel it.  Have your way with me…I eagarly await it.


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