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Is that rain on my parade? January 17, 2012

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I was in bed not sleeping last night and decided enough was enough. The morning was going to bring a new day, and it was one that was going to include a healthy-living approach to life. No more 2am bedtime, no more chocolate for breakfast, and I was going purge the place of the bad things making me fatter by the day.

And oh yes, I was going back to walking the long walks. Not the cheater walks my golden has been moping about since the Christmas break – the ones where I walk around the property, or pop down to get the mail, or meander for a leisurely 15 minute ramble down the road. No – my golden knows what’s good for me – brisk walks till my legs burn.

Walk me. And enough with the cheater walks.

A real walk means right down the line, all the way to the main road. When we hike it in a good clip with no stopping, there and back takes us a little over an hour. I feel better about myself, he sleeps happy all day, and I actually get some of my best writing done in my head while we walk.

So I was going back to the “real” walks, I decided. Eat right, sleep tight, and walk. That was going to be my bright new day. It didn’t happen for me January 1st, but that was no surprise  – I detest resolutions based on a day because society deems I have to. No – this new day was something I was ready for. Bring on the new day I thought.
I woke up hours later and looked out my window. At first I thought it was a massive snowstorm because it was white everywhere – everything white. Then I realized it was fog, not snow. The day was miserable with rain and mist and wind and fog. Blech.

I know what you’re thinking. You think I used it as an excuse to stay indoors. But you’re wrong. I didn’t. I put on my coat. My boots. My hat and scarf and mitts. I packed extra kleenex and walked out into the fog ready to start my new mission. It rained the whole time.

My cheeks stung with the rain and the wind, and I was as grumpy as one might guess a woman with a mission walking in the rain might be. And I admit – I didn’t do the long, long walk. But I did the middle one   – which didn’t take me all the way to the crossroad, but it took me as far as it could on early morning determination and 7 kleenex. It ended up being a 45 minute walk – but I couldn’t hustle the way I would have liked because of the ice on the roads. They kept threatening to take me down, so I slowed my pace a little – but my legs still burned.

Just not as much as my cheeks and nose.


11 Responses to “Is that rain on my parade?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    You’re an inspiration! After making it through the walk today, all the walks in the future will be a breeze. Love the pictures!

  2. ruthewalker Says:

    Yeah. When I finish here tonight, I’ll go upstairs for my second round of riding the stationary bike. Probably watching the news as I did at 10:00 this a.m. 35 minutes on the bike.

    Did I lose a single freaking ounce? I don’t think so. And if they tell me it all gets turned into muscle one more time, I’ll hit somebody.

    Nonetheless, Noelle. Keep on keeping on. Your metabolism has not yet atrophied, girl. So keep it up. It’s inspiring.

    • I’ve been telling myself that muscle vs fat rule for years. You’d think I was the world champion of body building by how much my “muscle” weighs.

      Kudos for you on riding the bike, and watching the news should give you just enough nervous energy to keep pedalling. I know watching it makes me want to run for my life most times!

  3. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Good for you. A 45 minute walk in the rain on an icy road is a pretty darn good start. I feel like such a lump because I still haven’t managed my former activity level since breaking my leg.

    • I found after my ankle injury it took about 3 years before it was back to normal – crazy right? I think that means we’re not twenty anymore, and I guess we should be glad it happened at 40 not 60 in terms of healing. Youth is wasted on the young.

  4. Dale Long Says:

    You are a better woman than I am… ok, a better man than I am… I give up, you have more will power than I do. I don’t like walking, or running just for the sake of either. Plus I’m made out of sugar and if I walked in the rain I’d melt.
    Besides, if I slipped an fell on the ice, can you imagine the road work involved in filling the crater I’m make?

    Good for you.

  5. dd Says:

    And did Malik mope or smile at the end of the walk – no matter how big or how small, a first step is still a 1st step and the important thing I think is to take the next one an the next one and the next one – so what about day 2?

    • Maalik always looks like he’s moping – unless he’s laying on his back and his lips flip up. That’s why he gets anything he wants in this house – he’s perfected the poor puppy look. It’s been an icy week here – the roads are thick with bumpy ice. I haven’t done the full long walk but for once this week. Today it was so icy that we walked around the property just so we could be in deep snow instead of the slick road. Walking in two feet of snow in heavy snowmobile boots is quite a workout too I might add!

  6. Cheryl Says:

    Impressive! I was expecting a postponement when you said it was raining! That is way, way above and beyond, Noelle. My pooch does the ‘hairy eyeball’ too. BUT, I am cheating all the way. For the first time ever, I am a fledgling snowbird, south December ’til March. So the dog gets three walks a day and three times a week I do the boardwalk through the little patch of everglade here. It’s a 3 mile figure 8, I’ve done the bottom loop, top loop and one side. Goal: Do the 3 miles! Yikes.

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