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Three times is a charm… January 25, 2012

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I’ve been a walking disaster this week, but since I’ve rounded my accidents out to a plump three occurrences, I figure I’m done now. Three times is a charm, after all.

The ridiculousness began when I went to load up the wood stove. I threw in two logs, and then tried to cram one last one in when the knuckle of my thumb caught the inside wall. It pinched, but I actually heard the sizzle and smelt it burn before I felt actual pain. At first I thought maybe I just almost touched it because although it was red, it didn’t hurt that much. Lucky me, I thought. But, the pain caught up with me. By the time I got to the bathroom sink to run it under cold water it looked like a hotdog left too long on the grill. For a dime sized burn,  it sure drew attention to itself . I spent the rest of the day with my hand singing with the sting of it.

But carry on you must, and so off I went to the dentist to have a filling replaced. I have no issue with the dentist – never have. Watch a little show while people polish and clean your teeth and make you all sparkly? It’s just never dawned on me to be afraid.

I was seeing a new dentist this visit. She was cheery, welcoming, and had small hands – which I have to admit – I was happy about since she was going to dig around in my mouth. She put lots of numbing gel on before she started with the needle, and when she put the needle in, I thought to myself – wow – I didn’t even feel that. She moved her hand a bit to give me a little more somewhere else and I thought – wow – this might just be the best needle I’ve ever been given, I don’t feel a thing. That’s when the burning began in my eye.

“Ah! That’s burning.” I said th best I oould with a mouthful of hands and needles.

“It’s okay, just breathe.” She said to me.

That’s when she poured the second and larger dose of acid in my eye (or so it feels like) and I yelled louder than I ever have in the dentist office, louder than I think I’ve ever yelled in public. “Burning! Burning! My eye!” My knees curled to my chest, and my hand flew towards my face. It’s in the “I’ll give you a backhand” position, which I’d like to think was me bringing a defensive hand to my face, but which I think the dentist and hygienist took for the backhander by the way they both rolled their chairs back a few inches. Hands and needle went flying and I’m curled up in the chair with them both looking down at me horrified. My eyelid is frozen. The rim of my eye is frozen. My eyeball is frozen.

I need to interject here that I have never even complained at the dentist before. I’ve always been pleasant and relaxed. If perhaps it was one of the dentists that had worked on me before, he would have known I was acting differently therefore clearly in distress. But because this was a new dentist to me (and the hygienist as well), they both were frozen in shock (and what might have been fear) as I freaked out in the chair. And I will admit, I was freaking out. I couldn’t stop feeling my face, I couldn’t stop saying “I can’t feel my eyeball!”

Here’s the thing – I wasn’t in pain, and I could see with no problem, but I have never had a frozen eye before and that combined with the fact that it started out with a searing pain that really did feel like liquid being poured in my eye – it didn’t matter that now it was painless – I was traumatized. So we spent the next few minutes with me freaking out and them watching me in horror, and assuring me that my eye was indeed moving around. When I got myself together, she apologized, explained she must have hit a nerve that ran up to my eye.

She completed the filling, and I went on my way after promising to keep my hands away from my eye so I didn’t damage it somehow. I guess she figured that after I acted like such a spaz in the chair, that I might go home and claw it out or something, I don’t really know. I do know that I felt like a nut job for losing my mind, and a freak show because the whole right side of my face – my eye, my cheek, my nose, and my lips, all drooped like it was melting. I was so glad I still had to go to the bank and the grocery store – I like to be humbled on occasion.

When I got home I felt pretty sorry for myself. Once the freezing wore off, the dull tingle was replaced with a raging migraine that lasted all night and the next day too. When I woke up yesterday, my cheek was swollen and bruised and I was migrainy and dizzy. My  plan was to rest and relax all day. Then I dropped a big log on my big toe. While loading up that damn wood stove again, it tumbled out of my hands and landed right on the nail.

I did whine about my thumb burn and I did freak out with the whole burning/freezing eyeball thing, but I didn’t cry with either of those mishaps. The log to toe thing – I cried. I’m not ashamed to say I cried like a baby. Made such a stink that my dog woke up and nosed himself right at my face and try to stop the madness. But it hurt SO bad. It was instantly purple, and felt like the nail was going to pop right off because of the pressure. Wowza – that was not a pleasant feeling. Today my full toe nail is purple and I have a horrible feeling that I’m going to lose it and have one of those gross nail-less toes. I guess I can be happy it’s not sandal season.

Last night was a rough night. I can’t sleep on my right side because I can’t lay on that side of my face. I can’t sleep on my left side because it puts pressure on my toe and my thumb. So I slept on my back and moped. I know it’s only hump day, but I’m calling it a week. Three times has got to be a charm, right? Right?


25 Responses to “Three times is a charm…”

  1. jaxyogini Says:

    Lot of sympathy, be kind to yourself today to recover. Thanks for the tip on choosing a dentist, from now on I’ll always look at their hands first. Take care. x

  2. Deepam Says:

    Poor sweetheart!!! OMG. Noelle back from the wars. I recenty told my grandson that I only cried when I was sad, not generally when I physically hurt myself, but I think if I were in your place, I also would have cried like a baby. Sometimes it’s hard not to take such things personally. I send you all the healing I can, as well as the hope that you get to keep your toenail, or at least the new one grows back under or right behind the black one.

  3. Damn! Are your family members scared to come near you? You’re a freaking wrecking crew! Feel better…and stay away from the wood stove!

  4. Oh Noelle, what can I say, this is simply too much! I would definitely call it a week girl. The scariest had to be the eyeball, after all, you need your eyeball to read and write, especially if you’re bound by the word (sorry!) Sending love to your footsy (I presume you’re wearing a soft slipper or have a blanket tied around it) and have a boatload of painkillers.
    P.S. Only brave people cry, and you my dear are a very brave and strong woman!

  5. Poor Noelle!

    This most unlikely remedy… aluminum foil… really works! It attracts the heat outwards.

    Even though you’re in pain, you always bring a smile to my face.

    Hope the aluminum foil trick works for you.


    Your friendly neighbourhood Fridge Whisperer, Chef Deb.

    • What does this mean Deb? Do you mean you put a piece of foil on the burn? If so…shiny side up or down?

      • It was my daughter who told me about this method after burning her fingers on the stove element. Tried Googling which was to face the foil against the burn but couldn’t find a definitive answer.

        For a chefy POV, we tent turkey with foil so it won’t brown too quickly, always shiny side out, to keep the heat from penetrating.

        I’m guessing shiny side “against” the burn to attract the heat away from your skin to the outside.

        If you can bear the pain of wrapping the foil around your burn it’s worth a shot, right?

        My daughter said it really worked for her. Go figure.

      • I can hardly wait for my next burn!

        Leave it to Chef Deb to help with more than just excpetional cuisine. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Mary Says:

    Aside from the experience at the dentist, maybe you are rushing too much. I’ve had a run of “hurts” at times, and I think it was the body’s way of saying, “Slow down. Take your time. Be careful. Nothing is worth rushing for …” Fingers crossed that the damaged toe-nail will be nail-polish ready for spring!

    • I have to agree – I have been rushing and that does lead to little mishaps. Although today I slowed down and took an hour long bath and almost broke my neck getting out because my dog was laying beside the tub without me knowing it. Being mindful is maybe the key for me…

  7. Dennis Says:

    OMG it must be going around. The other week I was at my Sons house helping him with the new bedroom for my Grandson. It all started with the demolition. I had just take down an old wall stud. I took it out side so I could toss it into the truck. It would not fit so I leaned it on an angle and jumped on it to break it in Half. Well it broke all right. The one end of the board flew up into the air and was coming right at me. With no place to run SMACK right in the side of the head. It knocked my glasses off my head. After the stars went away and I got my bearings back, I felt my head. I was sure there was a whole in the side of my head that was going to take 50 stitches to close. Luck would have it only a small cut and a little blood. (That was close… better be careful I thought.) So off I go back to the demolition. With hammer in hand I look at the next piece that has to come down. I know I have been working on construction just about as long as I have been alive. And for some reason I thought I was like Mike homes at this point. So I wind up my arm and swing at the board that has to come. OMG I missed it the hammer swings around comes flying out of my hand and smacks me Right Square in the face. Again the stars return and the pain is unbearable as I bring my hand up to my face expecting the teeth in my mouth to be gone. The teeth are there but the lip is swelling and the blood if starting to flow. I look at my son he has this look on his face that says what the F*** are you doing. “Are you ok?” he says. Yes let’s just get this done I don’t want to show him that I’m hurting. But I think he knows. I have a nickname at work and now I know why they call me Rip and tear. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your pain.
    Hope your Toe gets better soon. I love reading your blog it always makes me smile. Thank you.

  8. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Yeah … I have an appointment to have a tooth filled on Saturday. Not sure if I want to go now. I need my eyeballs, too. Years ago I also dropped something on my big toe and did lose the nail. If it’s any consolation, the nail does grow back and with a little polish, you can’t tell the difference. As for you, I think you better lie down and surround yourself with pillows and other soft things for the next few days.

    • I’m just starting to feel less sorry for myself today. I am holding out hope for the toenail though. It isn’t lifting at all, and although still purple, it doesn’t look black, so I am hoping we skip the falling off part. I’ll keep polish on hand in case though!

  9. dd Says:

    Yesterday – I had my own humbling experience here at the office, albeit not a physically humbling experience, but certainly a professional and emotional one. I have been feeling quite sorry for myself Noelle since it happened but in reading your saga of injuries I hate to say it but your “pain” brought a smile to my face this morning and lightened my load. Thank you – but then I read Dennis’s comments to you and really started to laugh. Life is a series of incredible highs, lows and OMGs – forget the week is done – sounds to me like you should have some pretty significant credits in the bank for the rest of the month – too bad it’s only six days left. Thanks for sharing – it has certainly helped me to “count my blessings” this morning.

  10. Annie Says:

    It’s a good thing things only come in threes because I’m not sure anyone can take any more abuse than that. I burned myself on a grill once. My hand fell flat down on it and looked like a bar code when I pried it off. At the time I thought I’d run cold water on it, but it really started to hurt as time went on. Finally went to the emergency room and they told me that burns continue to sizzle from the inside out. Yikes. I’m sorry you had a similar experience. It hurts! The eyeball thing would have freaked me out too. Something about the eyes that messes with me! And…the log on the foot? Oh, you deserve a good cry after that kind of day. Hang in there!

    • It makes me happy to know that others may have freaked in the dental chair. For someone who likes control and hates conflict – the whole scene was a horror show for me. So glad it’s done, and I’m feeling much better today – toe and all.

  11. Dale Long Says:

    Noelle, I hate dentists. Seriously. I think I bent the arms of the chair. When i was in grade three, we had a free dentist come into the school. It took the dentist and the nurse kneeing on my chest to even get near my mouth. They eventually gave up. Victory, or at least until my mom found out…

    Listen, there is a new underground fashion trend, it’s called bubblewrap and chainmail. I think you might want to check it out. 😉

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