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Gimme the white stuff… February 21, 2012

Just when we thought winter was over, the snow came down and created another white wonderland this weekend. Not that I mind. I enjoy the snow much more than the slush, and even though the wet mess that leads winter into spring is inevitable, I wasn’t quite ready for it.

Besides, everything looks far prettier white and billowy. It covers the leaves I didn’t rake in the fall, and the mess of twigs that my husband cut down from the pine tree but didn’t dispose of (great at starting jobs and using machinery, but the clean-up…not so much). Snow makes our place look like a postcard for a charming home sweet home rather than a DIY gone wrong advertisement.

Since we haven’t had the winter one might expect living up north, we haven’t done our share of snow activities either. The kids snowboarding – not once. The family snowmobiling – only William, and it was just around the property to see if the machines still had juice in them. We didn’t try snowshoeing which we’d hoped to do, or attend the winter carnival. We haven’t even had a skate around an outdoor rink or frozen pond. Somehow the winter escaped us and has left us feeling remorseful for not enjoying it more.

More snow also means I have that much longer before bathing suit season rolls around again. Summer – that blasted enemy of my addiction to all things sugar. Everyone, including me,  looks comfy in big bulky sweaters, but I look bulky and do not feel comfy in the itsty-bitsy-teeny-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini department these days. So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  At least another month so I can right the wrongs that those damn easter creme eggs have done to my curves. Cadbury has somehow made me look like an easter creme egg. On legs of course.

So I know there are those of you who are calling for spring. I know you won’t be sad to see the last of the snow melt into slush, and that you welcome April showers and May mud. But as I sit here looking out across my front lawn at the newly fallen snow, I’m crossing my fingers for a few more weeks of the white stuff. You may think it’s to squeeze in those few almost-missed opportunities for family fun. You may think it’s to avoid the wet, damp days of the changing seasons. You’d be wrong. It’s just that I have a 3-pack of those damn eggs hidden in the cupboard with my name on it, and I need a bit of time to brave the sunshine and the lack of coverage it brings.

I may have a problem with my creme filled insides. I may need to seek professional help. Until I do though – I’ll just say – yum…gooey creme filling, surrounded in chocolate goodness. Cadbury, how I curse you so.


11 Responses to “Gimme the white stuff…”

  1. I love this post Noelle! As someone who has been addicted to Cadbury’s Easter creme eggs since the age of three, I know whereof I speak. One year they were marked down to 19c each after Easter, and to my children’s delight, I purchased an entire box. The rule was one a day, but you and I both know what happened down’t we?! Another year I saw a life-size cardboard cut-out of a farmer holding a hen at Shoppers. This was the hen that lays the Easter creme eggs – straw and all. I asked them if they would save it for me after Easter, and every Easter thereafter would put it in my entrance, to the delight of all and sundry. As you know, it’s a love/hate relationship, you LOVE the taste, texture and pure creaminess, but hate what they do to you. Your phrase ‘Easter cream egg on legs’ is delightful. If I ever doubted you (which I didn’t) I wouldn’t anymore. You’re a soul sister for life Noelle! LOL
    P.S. I think we should have a new club, the Easter cream egg chicks.

    • Love the thought of being the Easter Creme Egg Chicks. Would probably be more of a therapy group than a fan club though. Soul sister – I think yes. Hats, changing hair, fun shoes, quirky style, crafty, chatty-chatty…and now the eggs? Yup – we may have been seperated at birth. Glad we found each other!

      PS – do you like the Laura Secord eggs? Even better, but up another notch in price. I love Easter and the chocolate it brings.

  2. Hi Noelle,

    What a great winter blog. I have a healthy & profitable way for you to get back at Cadbury for making you look like an easter creme egg on legs. Redirect the dollars you were going to spend on Cadbury’s yummy gooey creme eggs. Use those dollars instead to buy shares in Cadbury. That way you will profit and also feel comfortable in the i-b-t-w-y-p-d-b department. I look forward to meeting you at Sheri’s tomorrow.



  3. Mel Says:

    Ah, so this is why it started rain/snowing here today! lol. Love your blog, I wrote mine just a week or so ago on why I hate winter. My kids have been dying to use the sleds we got them for Christmas as well, but I don’t think the mush that’s coming now will help in that department.

    • Hi Mel,
      We are getting loads of it up here again today. It is like a blizzard out there. I had to cut my walk with the pooch short becuase the wind and snow was so blinding, and I was afraid a car would whip down our country lane and kill us both. I love the look of it – but it’s a much better view from inside, sitting beside the warm woodstove rather than walking through it!

  4. It was great to meet you this evening – so glad I signed up for your workshop. Now I have a blog worth following, attaching a real person and a face, someone I can say that I met through my short lived journey of blogging thus far.

    It certainly was, a nice little blast of winter this past weekend, it prompted me to post as well. Please visit my Woodland Winter Frolic.

    • It was great to meet you too Sandra. Blogging can be a bit of a beast – that fine line of getting it to do just what you want and need it to. Glad I could help you weed through the reasons why, for who, and what. Happy blogging!

  5. Janis McCallen Says:

    Noelle – how about this for coincidence. I really enjoyed reading your blog post this morning, then I opened a tweet from a writer/photographer I follow in the UK, @SusannahConway. She posted a photo of – guess what? She was treating herself after completing a driving lesson. Those eggs must be some delicious!
    Here’s the link in case you’d like to take a look at the pic.

    • Tis the season to be craving!

      Your comment leads me to believe you have never tried an Easter Creme Egg? Is this true? How can that be? You must go out and buy one immediately! You will thank and curse me for the suggestion. 🙂

      • Janis McCallen Says:

        Sadly, until just a minute ago, I had never tasted an Easter crème egg. But today my husband added this item to his shopping list. I just finished peeling away the crumbly foil wrapper, and sniffing the smooth brown surface with its ‘memories of chocolate Easter bunnies’ smell. One bite, and the ooey-gooey cream was tingling my taste buds with wicked goodness. Well Noelle, thanks to you, I’m hooked. Luckily my husband brought home two, so I’m off to arm wrestle him for the second one. 🙂

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