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The Witch Hunt of Kony 2012 March 9, 2012

I’m giving fair notice – the post today is less happy-go-lucky and more WTF??? Readers beware.


With all the hoopla about the Kony 2012 campaign, I’m stunned. If you haven’t watched the video – view it here. Take the 29 minutes and watch it. Then know that as much as this video went viral in two days, the haters came out in full form and started in on how Kony 2012 is a big scam.


What the hell is with you people? Criticism against the Kony 2012 campaign is a kin to a witch hunt. People are trying to create awareness and make the world a better place. They are there standing beside children who have been mutilated, parents who’ve had their children kidnapped to be slaves and soldiers. In the hopes of making change, they talk to children, who have by some miracle, escaped from life as a soldier and will be forever wounded. They are doing it in a way they feel will work most effectively . Or did you think this was a fun hobby or extra jovial way for them to spend the last few years?


Will they make a salary while creating awareness and fighting for the cause? Yes. Will a percentage of the fundraising go towards administrative costs, promotion costs, travel costs, etc. Yes. Shame on them for making money while fighting for this cause? I don’t think so.


Would you like to go and fight with them? Talk to the families and hold hands with children with half a face, tell them you’ll change their world? I know I couldn’t do it -I couldn’t bear it. Few of us could. But they are – they’re looking at the atrocity of this horrific problem face-on and doing something about it with the hope for change. Making it happen this year.


Are we all that naïve to think that when you donate to a charitable organization that the money all goes towards the cause itself? Come on people!  Do you work for wooden nickels in life? Why do you think these people – doing a job that would render many of us into a huddled mess in a corner for the next 5 years – would be working for free? How do you think they live and eat and do what they need to do in order to dedicate themselves to a worthwhile cause?


I guess for some of you, having a cut go to the educators or promoters feels wrong – but here’s the thing – before this social media frenzy, many people knew nothing of this tragedy, knew nothing about child armies – about what has become a way of life for them for upwards of 25 years.  Kony 2012 is like wildfire and is in everybody’s kitchen, office, chat room – and that is essential to change. Whether you agree with the package they wrapped it in or not, you can’t take from the fact that they have done what nobody has ever been able to do – open millions of eyes to the issue of child soldiers and the atrocity that these people are coping with alone. I say help – no matter how it comes – is overdue.


When people learn about something tragic, they want to help. They want to be part of the better good. They also need to know what exactly to do before they get distracted by everyday life here in cosy North America. The Kony 2012 team gave clear direction – this is what you do – 1-2-3.


Listen haters – your immediate criticism and rants of “scam” have not led people to other organizations to give their money to. No, you can’t any take credit for that – because it isn’t happening. But you can take credit for making people pause, put their head back in the sand, and justify why they can sit back and do nothing at all. You’ve effectively shocked people who may have reached out, to turn away and feel like they almost got “suckered” into caring. For that you should be ashamed.


Let people come to awareness and do what they can do. Let them feel good about it – in doing any little bit at all. If that means only sharing the link and spreading the word – so be it.  You don’t know where things go when they get passed on – and every little bit does make a difference.


Haters be gone.




5 Responses to “The Witch Hunt of Kony 2012”

  1. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Thank you for clarifying what this hoopla is all about. I am not able to watch the video because without high-speed it literally takes three hours plus to download a twenty-nine minute video (and I do mean literally).

    The same criticisms have been levelled against international adoption in recent years – people make money doing it. The situation is similar. Bottom line: children are in need and the people who help MUST be able to earn enough to pay their bills and feed their families while doing it. If they don’t, the aid stops. It’s as simple as that. Those of us privileged enough to live in the world of government funding have to realize that government-funded is not free. The funding comes from tax dollars – every single tax payer in the country pays for government services, it’s just that the relationship isn’t so clear.

    The governments in countries with needs this extreme don’t have the ability to raise enough tax dollars to cope because most of their citizens barely live above subsistence level. Many countries barely even have a functioning government. If they did and had the wealth we do, the need wouldn’t be there.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head Lisa – “Those of us privileged enough to live in the world of government funding have to realize that government-funded is not free” and you are so right – that relationship isn’t clear. Situations like this make me sad, when it would probably generate more action to get mad. We are so blessed to live in Canada – so ridiculously blessed, and we don’t even know it. So easy to take it for granted, but I think for many it is easy to bury their head in the sand so they don’t feel the guilt of the injustice in what feels like light years away.

  2. connieds Says:

    Well said Noelle! My daughter Emily is part of Youth in Action at Sinclair high school, has personally met with and spoken to Romeo D’allaire, who was the only Canadian that remained to fight against the child soldiers and genocide that happened in Rwanda. For a soon to be 16 year old she is socially driven and just a wonderful all around kid whom I’m very proud to call my daughter! She says it’s sickening how people can close their eyes and walk away from something so horrible calling it a scam. She wants to remind everyone that there were many people that did the same thing with Nazi Germany, imagine if we closed our eyes then or if we said that it’s Germany’s problem and not ours. Emily would then be without her best friend, whose family narrowly escaped the Nazi atrocities. Unfortunately Kony isn’t trying to invade other countries and there isn’t anything that any of the governments of the rest of the world would be interested in, ie. oil. And worst of all, it’s Africa, where many believe things like this is normal for over there. Until something like this happens, or we change our attitude and love ALL of mankind with equal respect for the life they have, Kony may be allowed to continue to do what he wants…That is unless WE speak loud and make our disgust clear!

  3. Ruth Walker Says:

    It is beyond confusing, isn’t it? What should be absolutely clear to everyone: Children who are loved, protected, fed and educated grow into adults who want to do the same for their children.

    It is sad to me that the same people who have been loved, protected, fed and educated can’t bring themselves to want the same for ANY child, not just theirs.

    I don’t pretend to understand all the motivation behind KONY 2012 but one thing is for sure, people are paying attention where they didn’t before. And that, for me, is what really matters here. So good on you, Noelle, for keeping the momentum going forward. May more children know love, protection, food and school tomorrow than they know today.

    • I agree Ruth – people are paying attention. I get so frustrated when people try to help and then others squash them down. I heard someone talking the other day – saying how it is often the uneducated who talk a stance against a cause due to fear and ignorance. I have to say – I disagree. In this case, it happened to be educated, financially sound, and more socially aware folk who were causing the stink. And I guess many of them have valid points – but it still scared people who were moved to reach out into pulling back again. It makes me so sad. Here’s hoping people decide to go fearward and help in some way despite the controversy.

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