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Bacon Lovers Unite! March 21, 2012

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With April being poetry month, my 9-year-old daughter has to memorize a poem for school that ultimately meets just two criteria:

* It must be 12-24 lines long

* It must be chosen by the student or composed by the student (this is not to be confused with the parent poetry corner)

With upwards of a dozen books of poetry in the house, not to mention the internet at our fingertips, it makes perfect sense that my daughter insisted on writing her own. You would think as a writer I would be thrilled about this, and I am – sort of. The writer in me shouts – hurrah – she loves to write! The mother in me says – crap – that means more homework for me.

But – in the end – the student is supposed to compose it themselves, so really my job would be simple prodding and perhaps the odd run down of words in response to “what rhymes with ketchup?”

So – we’ve been working on it – and as strong-willed as that girl is, I couldn’t sway her off her chosen topic. Bacon.

By the time it was completed and typed out – I have to say – I was proud of her. I helped her with the title and just two lines – the rest are all hers. She was a poet and didn’t even know it. Either did I. In honour of her first official writing (other than the nasty messages of how much she hates her unfair parents left occasionally on her chalkboard) I thought I would share my little poets work. So here’s to Lainey and to bacon.

It Doesn’t Get Better Than Bacon

by Lainey 


I love bacon, there’s no doubt,

Piggy strip lovers – give a shout!

Oh, how it sizzles in the pan,

It’s made fresh from the farmer man.

Bacon, bacon, the sensation

Fills my mouth with celebration.

Bacon with eggs, bacon on toast,

Bacon – plain, is what I love most.

Dipped in ketchup, that’s so gross,

But, that’s my opinion, go try a dose.

I like pork bacon, not chicken or turkey,

But I do like to chew on a bit of beef jerky.

Bacon for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

If your parents will say yes

Fry some up and make a mess.

Dig right in and have a bite,

Go ahead and eat all night.

Hey meat lovers, take a call

Bacon’s here to save us all!


20 Responses to “Bacon Lovers Unite!”

  1. Dave Jones Says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That’s perfect. Way to go Lainey!! Mmmmm… bacon.

  2. Dale Long Says:

    HAHAHA! That’s awesome! Now I’m hungry….

    Tell Lainey I agree with her on the Ketchup thing, eww.

    Red is a huge bacon fan, I’ll have to show this to her. She’ll love it!

  3. k Says:

    I’m salivating here! …er…I mean clapping. 😉

    Well done! (Coincidentally, one of the ways I like my bacon!)


  4. Fantastic poetry Lainey! Nice sense of rhythm and meter too! Also love the internal rhyme in this line: Bacon, bacon, the sensation. She is a poet! No surprises there.

    • Funny – my son loved that line too – he was sure it was one of the two I wrote, but it wasn’t. Mine we far less clever. I added transition lines, not fun stuff! She will love that people read it and sent kudos! Thanks Sue.

  5. James Dewar Says:

    I hate bacon with ketchup too!

    The great thing about poetry is you get to express how you feel and be clever too!

    Great poem.

  6. Fantastic job Lainey, extremely well written! Apparently there’s a new gourmet treat of bacon dipped in chocolate (same idea as a salty/sweet granola bar). Good luck!

  7. debbierankine Says:


  8. deepamwadds Says:

    That should be entered in a contest! it’s a piece of perfection, just like the topic.

  9. Reblogged this on Aromatic Ramblns and commented:
    Yummy bacon, smells good too.

  10. Mona Blaker Says:

    Bacon is meat candy. Love it, and well done Lainey! ;o)

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