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So much for customer service… April 18, 2012

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On the upside it took her just two days to reply to my email, but I can’t say I’m satisfied at all. No apology, no token of reimbursement, but she is still gives healthy dose of a her condescending tone and snotty attitude.  On top of everything else – there is no explanation why they would preview a 18A movie in an audience of PG movie goers. I’ve decided excuses and lack of accountability tops my list of “makes me ape-shit crazy”. Guess we go to round three. Suggestions, dear readers?

Dear Noelle,

Please be advised that a film’s trailer and the film itself are reviewed separately by the Ontario Film Review Board, as per the legal requirements placed on movie exhibition.  The trailer for Cabin in the Woods was rated PG in Ontario based on the content of the trailer.

However, prior to the release of the film, the film was reviewed by the Ontario Film Review Board, and received a different rating of 18A based on the content of the film.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ratings of films and trailers, please visit the below website:


Samantha Weaver

Guest Services

Cineplex Entertainment


Dear Samantha,

Are you suggesting I contact the Ontario Film Review Board for customer service superior to what you are giving me in hopes of receiving a simple apology or expression of regret for the trailer played?

Interesting solution, but perhaps forwarding this email to your supervisor would be a better solution. Please do so.

Noelle F

12 Responses to “So much for customer service…”

  1. I don’t know if this adds fuel to your fire or will help your arguement but my daughter’s grade 7 class had a trip to view the movie at AMC theatres. There were three grade seven classes there from different schools. AMC did not show that trailer during the performance. Her older sister saw Hunger Games on the weekend, same theatre, same movie, saw all the same trailers including Cabin in the Woods. Someone made the decision it was an inappropriate trailer for 12 and 13 year olds yet, there were likely 12 and 13 year olds at the weekend showing.

  2. Jan Wright Says:

    Just a funny note regarding Customer Service. My Ex was CS Manager at Sears a few years back and had to handle a customer who insisted on talking to the manager. He had some problems with his new washing machine and was not in the mood to be consoled with suggestions to make him happy. After many suggested solutions to his problem he was in such a rage he told my Ex to shove the washer up his ass. Very calmly my Ex told him he couldn’t do that since he already had a dishwasher up there!!!! Too funny!

    • I have actually worked in customer service and it is one hell of a job. When people are rude it takes a little chunk off your skin each time. That being said – I was never rude – like my new friend Samatha from the get go. I was the service rep who would grin and bear it. I guess she and I went to different schools of service.

      Love the reply from your ex. Sounds like quite the card!

  3. Dale Long Says:

    Here’s a thought, ask her if you can quote her directly in the newspaper article you are writing entitled “Do You Know What Your Kids Are Watching Before The Movie Starts?”

  4. Lisa Llamrei Says:

    Hahaha. I like Dale’s suggestion. I think you should contact the Ontario Film Review Board and ask them why they are showing trailers for 18A movies to a PG audience full of young kids. As much as it rankles to have the buck passed, it may be true that the individual theatres have no control over what trailers are shown. I saw The Hunger Games at a small, independent theatre in Uxbridge and it had the exact same trailer. You could ask that question and at least find out if you’re getting the truth out of your friend Samantha.

    • Me too! I’m totally using it. And I think your suggestion is a good one – I’ll email the OFRB too.

      Interesting thing – the manager at the theatre said exactly that – he had no control over what he could show – he couldn’t even “pull” the trailer without their okay first. He said he thought it was over the top himself, and that he had the newest Twilight trailer that was sitting there – not allowed to show it. Go figure.

      I’m also printing out all the emails and taking them to my local theatre to show them how rude corp is being. Grrrrr.

  5. debbierankine Says:


    Time for a “Letter to the Editor” of a daily newspaper… or three. Write it as an open letter and c.c. AMC brass.

    End the letter telling them your next step is TV stations.

    That’ll get their attention.

    I did the same thing with Matel when I complained about the excess Barbie packaging. This was years about, though, and the packaging hasn’t changed one iota. But it felt good getting media attention in the paper.

    Good luck Norma Rae! Those poor bastards never knew what hit them.

  6. DD Says:

    I absolutely love Dale’s wording and Debbie’s suggestion – we all know about the broken guitar right? Perhaps a twitter is in the making that will take this viral. I am sick to death of “customer service” being an excuse to do nothing with a “superior attitude”. If you are in a customer service role, you should understand what that role is.

    Power to the people and like Debbie said – you go Norma Rae!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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