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Words of Wisdom from HSW… July 24, 2011

     Words of Wisdom taken from Mentors at the Humber School for Writers at this year’s summer workshop…enjoy!


“There are two ways shame can come into your work: for what you have written and for how you have written it. Only the second is valid. The other can be ignored, which is wonderful because you have some control over that second one.”    – – Wayson Choy


“Write the book that you want to read. Your talent needs to find a drive of its own, so be true to yourself; write the way you want, about what you want.” – – Guy Vanderhaeghe



“Memory is important to your creativity.”  “Find the thing that feeds your creative life.” – – Erika de Vasconcelos


“When you write about a world – either fantastical or realistic –  never make the reader feel ‘that would never happen’. They have to believe the world you have created fully.”   – – Nino Ricci



“A poet adapts masks to explore truths.”- – Olive Senior


“Don’t write a message, write a story.” – – Freida Wishinsky


“There is a great joy in creating a character that is you, but different.  It allows you to knowingly invite that confusion. Take your world  – distort it, parody it, characterize it.” – – David Bezmosgis