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I’m A-Ok, Just MIA May 13, 2011

My dear blog followers, how I love you so. Thanks for your emails and check-ins. You need not worry, I’m alive and kicking (and thank you for the concern!). I’ve been bogged down and drowning just a little with coordinating a new organization up here in Simcoe County. The Writers’ Community of Simcoe County had its first meeting last night and it was a great way to kick off a new forum to support local writers. Pass on the info to any writer you know looking for a place to belong!

Now that the dust has settled and the water has left my lungs, I can get back to writing and get back to connecting to you on the blog. How I have missed you readers!

I thought it was high time to fill you in on how things are moving along in terms of Debris, my first novel, and progress on my second, Life As a Teenage Mutant. I’ll start with Mutant.

I am loving the voice of my main character Abby Brooks. She just drags me along my the nose, working my fingers to the bone with her antics and her haunting voice. I head to a writers’ retreat next week (yahoo – a whole week of writing in silence!) and my plan is to finish the first draft. I have every confidence that you will fall in love with her too, and once I’m back I’ll post my favourite scene so you can get a taste of her. I’m meeting with an Acquiring Editor as part of a workshop at the end of this month, and hope she’ll give me crucial feedback about my work. Maybe she’ll love it so much she’ll want to read more than the first 20 pages I’ve sent her. Cross your fingers. And toes. And depending how flexible you are, cross other stuff too.

Which leads me to Debris.

I haven’t given up on my first-born novel. Lots of queries are out to agents, although I just got a rejection last Friday. Yuck. But it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would have. Waiting in limbo is far, far worse than actually getting a rejection response. At least it’s conclusive. I still have faith in Debris, but I am focusing all my energy on Mutant, because between you and me, it’s a far better book.

I used to hear authors talk about having a manuscript sitting on their shelf that would likely never get published. And it used to set me into panic. “I don’t want to spend all that time writing a book to have it just sit there, unpublished.” But the truth of it is, I’m a better writer than I was 2 years ago, and a year ago, and even 2 months ago. With every workshop, every retreat, every meeting and every critique – you become a better writer. At least if you are open to learning and improving you do get better. And I am, and I do, and I did.

So, Debris waits patiently to be noticed. I have a sneaky suspicion that Mutant will get me an agent and a publisher, and that Debris can be discovered on the heels of her kid sister Mutant. And that’s okay. It’s also okay if Debris never gets her chance. Things will work out the very way they should.

So wish me luck on my retreat and my mission to finish Mutant next week. It will be a labour of love, that I can assure.