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Anchors Away… February 7, 2011

Well my fingers are resting nicely back on the keyboard. Ahhhhh, yes, that feels wonderful. There was no internet connection on the Disney Ship (or rather, it was outrageously priced packages that I choose not to invest in while on vacation), so I wasn’t able to check in at all and I’ve missed you!

Though I am eager to be back at it, the vacation did not lend to rejuvenation from R&R. Taking a cruise, I’ve learned, is much like being at an amusement park everyday of your holiday. And being on a Disney cruise meant on top of it all, our favourite Disney characters could be lurking around at any time, so we needed to be camera ready at all times.

Don’t get me wrong, the vacation was quite spectacular. The Disney Magic cruise ship itself boasted two theatres, three pools, separate age specific kids clubs, five restaurants, three take-out stands, several stores, and countless activities areas including an outdoor basketball court and a water slide.

We did not want for food. It was endless (even 24-hour room service), delicious, and offered with such variety that the five pounds I gained was a welcome surprise based on the fact that I was sure it would be closer to ten. No complaints with the food, not a one.

The days on land were fantastic – the beach at St. Maarten was lovely, St. Thomas and snorkelling with turtles, parrot fish and an octopus was lovelier, and Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) was a kid’s paradise. The day spent there was exceptional, with white sand beaches and water slides into the ocean, Captain Jack Sparrow walking about, and all you can eat ice cream. The kids were never bored, not for one second, but that was essentially the problem.

It was all systems go, all the time.

Great for people who don’t like to stop, like, ever. Our family is much like our golden retriever, we like to have fun, play, eat, run around, but then we like to rest, then rest some more.

I probably would have preferred more days on the beach, dividing time to snorkel, lay in the sun, dig in the sand, and rest in a hammock as the standard of my vacation. I like down-time, and by that I mean I want to lie down. I want to feel like I don’t have to rush off to the next adventure until my body yells out – get up, lazy bones!

In keeping with the commotion, as a writer, I count on people-watching to inspire me. There’s no need to fabricate a character, the world is filled with them. But on a trip that is so non-stop crazy busy, I don’t get the required stop-and-gawk time required to absorb the characters around me. I don’t have the space in my head to formulate plot lines or plan out scenes. I need quiet for that process.

I work with so many talented writers within the Writers Community of Durham Region (WCDR), who unlike me, can write under loud, crowded or chaotic circumstances. James grew up in a house full of kids (six or eight if I recall) so he prefers noise over quiet, he just blocks it out and writes away. Dale always has music playing in the background; something he feels inspires his creativity. But me, I write best sitting in my pajamas in an empty house with no white noise. Maybe it comes from years of only writing late at night, and into the wee hours long after everyone went to bed. Maybe it’s because the noise in my head can’t compete with outside voices. Who knows?

I do know that this vacation was a complete break from writing. No typing, no plotting, no outlining, not even any thinking when it came to my writing world. So, vacation behind me, I am bursting at the starting gate and ready to fly. As exciting and luxurious as it was, it’s good to be home. Now back to business!