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It’s getting crowded in here! June 21, 2011

We do too much. To-do lists are never-ending, we have people counting on us, we have responsibilities and obligations and anchors. We have regular everyday life to contend with on top of the extra stuff we pile onto the heap of things waiting for our attention. We are drowning in duties.  I guess the one consolation is that no one is alone in this regard. If you look around, everyone is reaching for that life-preserver, trying to keep their head above water and are just relived they can still see land, even if it is a tiny dot in the far off horizon. Life in our time is a mix of chaos and committment. We’ve become a nation of energizer bunnies.


I felt guilt the other day when I heard other parents talking about putting their kids in soccer and baseball and a billion other lessons so their summer weeks are full of evening games and endless practices. I haven’t signed my kids up for a thing. Not true, actually. Lainey will be going to Karate camp, Figure Skating Camp, and Wet and Wild Camp – but they are daytime camps that will keep her busy and me sane. Our evenings I’ve hoarded. I don’t want to drag each of my kids out twice a week, but in different sports which never run on the same night, so really four nights a week.  I don’t want to sit and watch them play a game with other parents I don’t know and don’t have time to make friends with. I don’t want to sit through the rain and pretend I don’t mind.  Does this make me a bad parent? Maybe, but my kids will probably survive it.


It was my little gift to myself. I want an obligation-free summer. I want to go where the wind takes us and not be bound by a 6pm game. I want to sit on the porch and savour BBQ’d steaks instead of doing a round of toasted tomato sandwiches because we only have 30 minutes before we have to be in uniform and out the door. In neglecting to sign them up for evening sports this summer, I’ve struck a to-do off my list so I can relax and smell the flowers this summer. I hope you all ditch a to-do on your list and join me in the revolution. Get rid of what you don’t want/don’t need/don’t have time for/don’t have the energy for/don’t give a shit about. Won’t you come along for the ride? What “should be” are you ditching this summer? Do tell…