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Way to blow my mind… February 25, 2011

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I’d set aside the afternoon for writing yesterday, but I got side-tracked. Detoured by an absolute, mind-blowing, blissful afternoon delight.

Shopping for deals.

Okay, I’ll be the first to confess, I like to shop. I try to stay clear of certain stores so I’m not tempted to blow money on things I don’t really need. Winners namely, and Home Sense, are the most offensive to my willpower. The problem is, I love a deal, and walking into either of those stores is going to cost me money simply because I really get off on saving money.

Addiction or not, I had cause to walk into our local Winners yesterday. Both my sister and daughter have birthdays around now, and I love to get a good deal, even if it is for a gift. They get way more stuff for the same buck I would normally spend. Two things for the price of one. Can’t beat that right?

Oh, yes. Yes, you can beat that. You can beat it by a long shot.

Blowout! Blowout sale! Better than any sale, anywhere! The end of season sale is on all this week at Winnners, and the savings are ridiculous. Wading through the racks of rock bottom markdowns was euphoric. It was intoxicating, and I had moments where I lost my breath.

Before you judge me, I just need to clarify – I got a gorgeous Calvin Klein sweater for $3. Regular price? $90. I got a Roxy jacket for my youngest (sorry Heather) for $8, regular price? $129. I got six different Star Wars t-shirts for my son (yes…D-O-R-K-Y) that he was thrilled about, for $1 each. That’s less than a chocolate bar these days! Seriously? Just a buck for t-shirt that is regularly priced at $24?

By the end of the day, or more accurately, the end of two hours, I had spent just under $200 and came out with four giant Winners bags full of clothes, games, and toiletries. I admit, when I came home I was shocked to find that the Trivial Pursuit game I got for $3 was in French, and that my son’s belt had no pin-thing to latch into the holes, so maybe I was a bit deal-frenzied. But every other item I bought was stellar. This might have been the single most fabulous shopping spree I’ve ever been on in my life.

My favourite part of shopping for deals, and a big part of my sickness, is coming home and adding up the regular retail price and seeing how much I actually saved. The great thing about this store, is they have regular retail price listed (most times with the priced designer tag still on it), and then they have the Winners price. So I get double the fun on my happy shopper game of seeing how much I saved.

The regular retail price of my four bags of loot? $1,979.89

The Winners price of my four bags of loot? $1,206.78

What I actually paid for my four bags of loot? $198.56

Can I hear you say Woot-Woot?!

So what? I get a little high on sale-fumes while I hunt for deals. And I did blow off my allotted writing time yesterday in exchange for a few hours at the store licking the little red sale tags with pleasure. After hearing the facts, do you still think I have a problem with shopping? Or do you think I am the ultimate shopper now? Do you think I could be the Canadian Olympic champion if they declared shopping a sport?

I vote B. I’m a master shopper. I am the Yoda of Shop Wars.

Shop or shop not, there is no try.