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Hello? September 29, 2011

It’s been too long my friends. My apologies for going missing from the blog. I can only say life gets in the way of living sometimes.


I’ve been busy preparing for upcoming writing workshops that I’ll offer to writers this fall and winter. I was recently certified as AWA Writing Group Leader. The AWA Training Program is a “comprehensive training program that provides instruction in leadership skills, experiential learning, ways to develop craft, and how to form successful groups for writers at all levels and from diverse backgrounds.” I have workshops for writers looking for to stretch their skill level and for new writers who are still shaking in their boots about putting pen to page. Something for everyone – emerging to experienced. If you are interested in writing workshops, check out my website and contact me if you have questions. I’d love to get you hooked on writing, or help you bring your work to a new level.


As for other news: My son hit grade 7 and now he brushes his teeth and his hair. He even puts on deodorant and selects clothes out of his drawers instead of grabbing whatever is within arm’s reach. It probably has to do with girls, but one thing hasn’t changed much about Sam – he doesn’t give out much information. The best I get is a smirk or blush when I say a girl’s name that hits the nail on the head.


How did I raise a boy to be so male? The other day I saw him gazing out into space and asked him the question every female asks at least 100 males over her lifetime.

“What are you thinking just now?”

He looked over at me, face still completely blank. “What?”

“What were you thinking about, when you were staring off?”


“You can tell me. Were you worried?”


“Were you remembering something? Thinking about someone?”

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Talk to me. I just saw you staring like that and wondered what you were thinking.”

“I wasn’t thinking, I was staring.”

“You weren’t thinking about anything?”

“No. Nothing.”

“So, like you were just blank – no brain waves happening – just empty staring?”


Seriously? How do males do this? Why do males do this? The only time I get close to thinking nothing is on the occasion that I meditate, and even then my mind is not actually blank – it is telling itself to be blank, telling my body to breathe, or telling my muscles to relax. I don’t know whether I envy or despise them for it, but I can say I don’t get it. Whether it was a boyfriend when I was 25 or my son many years later – when I ask “What are you thinking?” and get the “nothing” in response, I think they are just simply lying. Refusing to share their deepest thoughts with me. It drives me crazy, and that is what I would tell them I was thinking if a male every asked that question of a female. But they don’t ask. They are too busy staring.

I’m so glad I’m an old married gal and not dating these days. And as for my son’s reluctance to share his deepest thoughts, that can be some other girl’s problem.