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MIA February 23, 2010

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I’m getting worried that keeping a blog alive is like keeping a plant alive…and FYI – I suck at that.

We just sold our house (finally – hurray!) and spend every spare second getting things ready for the move. So – the blog owner is bogged down this week.

I promise to post new stuff and another chapter later this week…or at least before the leaves start to wilt.


As it stands… February 17, 2010

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Well…this is my accountability section. I can’t really leave this category stagnant can I?  A dream without a goal is just a wish, after all.

My second draft is complete and in good form. I have some work left to do on filling holes…my aim is end of April for “back away from the novel”. I plan on putting my query to publishers by the first of May.

Cross your fingers.


What is this blog?

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I’ve just finished my first novel, Debris and have created the blog to keep you posted on the status of my journey to becoming a first-time novelist.  It’s also great to have the pressure of knowing you are out there…waiting. Like a stalker…like a crazed fan.

Yes – I will make a great “famous person”. I am narcissistic and delusional!

Thanks for checking in, and for the pressure of your blog visits  – they keeping me moving towards the light regardless of my fear of rejection!

Noelle Bickle


“Debris” a contemporary fiction, is the story of a family tangled in dark secrets of abuse and addiction. Readers follow the troubled lives of the Doours family:

Helen  – the picture perfect wife and mother with a past nipping at her heels, threatening her carefully manicured life.

Jeremy – the son whose secrets drive him into the shady world of living on the street with Crystal Meth as his companion. 

Jenny – the fourteen year old daughter who carries the torment of undisclosed sexual abuse that manifests into a burden in her young womb.

And Jonathan – the straight laced father who – even after more than 20 years as a police officer – cannot maintain peace and justice in his own home.

The story takes place over two years, and is told in each voice of the four characters. The reader is privy to the perspective of an over controlling but well intentioned mother, a damaged and addicted young man, an abused and tormented teenage girl, and a powerless father. The Doours family leads readers to raise questions between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons to keep families in touch and tuned in to life’s many shades of grey.


Feb 17

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When I walked into the room…


Hello world!

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Blogging…who knew it would come to this? Please remember – patience is a virtue, and I will need a week or so to get some meat into the blog. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Here’s hoping.

Please check back by the end of this week, I’ll have my first 4 chapters posted. Come and meet the Doours family of my debut novel – Debris.