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Spring brings good things… March 31, 2010

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Ahhhh…greenery is starting to peek out from underneath the wintered grass. Flowers are sprouting, and bees are starting to buzz around, beckoning spring’s arrival. Spring is such a great time to take on new things – start anew or wipe the slate clean and start again.

If you just haven’t gotten motivated to put pen to paper, and your writing hand is twitching, I have an idea. Come check out the Writer’s breakfast meetings held by the Writers Circle of Durham Region.

The WCDR monthly breakfast meetings are for aspiring writers, and well-known or well-seasoned writers, to gather, learn and connect.

What a wonderful way to get inspired! You leave motivated to unleash your creative talent, and you get your belly filled as well. There is no better combination!

So – if you’re looking to get started, or re-energize yourself in the world of writing – this is the perfect opportunity. You can come on your own – which is a great way to meet other writers; or you can blend in and just absorb the information presented to you! Check out the info and the website as well! Hope to see you there sometime!

Taken from the Writers’ Circle of Durham Region website:

“The WCDR monthly breakfast meetings are where experienced and aspiring writers gather, learn and connect. Join us throughout the year on the second Saturday of each month (except August) to hear authors and industry speakers, to enjoy a special event, and to broaden your networking circle. Everyone is welcome. Meetings run from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the J.P. Fitzpatrick & Son restaurant in the Whitby Entertainment Centrum at 75 Consumers Rd. (west of Thickson Rd. S.). The cost, which includes an excellent and hearty breakfast, is $15 for members; $20 for guests. (Ask us how, by becoming a member, you can save!)

To attend, please register online on the breakfast page, by phone message at 905-686-0211 or by e-mail at no later than noon on the Thursday before the breakfast.”


Forgot to water… March 22, 2010

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I was shocked to see my plant dead in the corner tonight. I only have 2 living plants – or had – 2 living plants. Country living does not make you an instant green thumb apparently. I am embarrassed to say that this plant survived living alone in our other (staged for sale) house for almost 8 months. Alone. I gave it water at best once a month and I assume my “peeps” that came to collect mail and check for leaks and such, might have given it water on occasion too. Who knows? The sad but true fact is – I have had this plant in my other (now only) house for two weeks and it is now dunzo. I felt sad for a moment – that my thumb of torment has taken the life of yet another living green thing. Then I had my a-ha moment. A-ha! A blog is like a plant – argh! And I ran to my blog to say…don’t die, here is some water…don’t die on me yet.

Where am I at with the pen? Well – I am writing a short story about a woman in the 1940’s. I’m getting it ready for a competition for the end of the month. I’m already in love with the characters, and the simple beauty of that era. Today I had them tapping trees during the syrup season.

Life imitates life, but in this case my art is imitating my life…I have 15 trees tapped and am in full maple syrup production – it is sweet place to be. I will post a sample of it soon…the writing, not the syrup. 🙂


Watch me go… March 10, 2010

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A few of you have been asking if I am meeting my deadlines, and if my goal of completion by May 1st is still looking good. Affirmative! I have registered for a writer’s weekend retreat in April and anything that needs to be tied up will be done then. So…thanks for the nag – err – I mean nudge. 🙂

All is going along splendidly, I’ll keep you posted.



New writing prompt

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Picture yourself leaving a building and walking outside. Feel the air around you – how warm or cold it is? Take in the smells and sounds. Is it dark outside or bright with sunlight?

Remember to describe all of the elements in your piece and begin your writing with:

Days like this always make me feel…